Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan’s Struggle with Reeva


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The board is informed that Shantanu will attend the assistant professors’ customary lunch on the first day. Ishan asks why he would do that. Shantanu replies that he knows Ishan cannot stand Reeva. Ishan then asks why he and his wife gave Reeva good marks if that is true. When his mother discovered Reeva’s past, she wanted to change her marks, but it was too late.

He says his wife realizes her mistake very late; he already told her he won’t mind Reeva’s presence and would treat her like he would the other two assistant professors. Thus, he will go to the customary lunch instead of Shantanu to prove this to himself and the world. He walks away. Shantanu wonders if Ishan can hold a storm of emotions before Reeva.

Harini sees Savi preparing something in the kitchen and asks what she is preparing. Savi says the grandfather’s favorite dish. Harini says she forgot the milk. Savi says she has already ordered milk and promotes Country Delight. As assistant professors wait for Ishan in his cabin, they are anxious and discuss how strict Ishan seems. They ask Reeva if she knows him, and she says he is a good person.

When Ishan walks in, he welcomes them to the institute family and asks if their first lecture went well. The students say yes. He says he does not think so because he attended their lecture, so they will be on probation for three months and then permanently. They said they thought they got a job after the interview. Reeva says three months is enough to prove themselves. Ishan says they should believe in themselves.

After Reeva suggests they begin lunch, Ishan is offered homemade moong dal halwa. The dish reminds him of a previous occasion when Reeva had made it for him and wrote “I love I/Ishan” on it. Politely declining, he explains how he dislikes sweets, especially moong dal halwa. Moments later, Savi enters the room and asks Ishan to sign her leave letter as her grandfather is unwell, and she won’t be able to attend classes regularly for a while. He signs the letter, and Savi mentions that she made moong dal halwa for her grandfather and brought some for him to try. After tasting it, Ishan admits that it’s delicious. Seeing this exchange, Reeva feels upset.

A nurse informs Ashwini that a doctor is calling her. Savi calls her and asks where she is. Ashwini says she reached the hospital and brought Ninad to the washroom. Savi thinks she will get to the hospital shortly. She walks away from the room. A couple of young people climb the stairs, and Ninad sees them. He walks behind them, thinking they are Virat and Sai. Sai meets Ashwini in the hospital. They wait for Ninad outside the washroom and ask the ward boy to check.

A ward boy checks the washroom and says no one is inside. They search for Ninad, but Ninad falls down climbing stairs and gets severely injured. Savi rushes to his aid. In his doctor’s opinion, Ninad’s condition has become more critical, and his surgery needs to be postponed for a week as they have many surgeries scheduled in this hospital and cannot perform Ninad’s surgery. According to him, Ninad doesn’t have food and is becoming weaker, so he needs to be fed.

Seeing Ishan’s upset, Reeva walks up to him and asks if she can take a few more psychology lectures since she has much free time. He denies it. Bhavani tries to feed Ninad khichdi. Ninad asks who she is. Bhavani replies that she is his daughter-in-law, his Nagesh dada’s wife. Despite Ashwini’s repeated reminders that she is his wife, Ninad refuses to identify her.


Ninad asks who Savi is. Savi shows him the candyfloss he used to get as a child and says she is his granddaughter. Savi acts as Virat and Ishan as Ninad.

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