Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Angad’s Kidnapping Unfolds


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Seerat applies herbal paste to Angad’s feet, but he resists it, and she angrily hits his foot. He begins to writhe in pain as the alarm clicks at 2:55 p.m. Despite not wanting to go, Seerat has no choice but to leave. Before leaving, she offers him medicine, which he refuses, noting that it’s not a pain killer but a sleeping pill. Despite his protests, she forcefully feeds him the medicine, which causes him to shout and eventually fall asleep. Seerat admits that she doesn’t want him to spare her either.

Sahiba leads the Brar ladies to the accident site, where their car is broken. The sight shocks them all, leaving Manveer frozen with worry for Angad. Assuring her that Angad is unharmed but has been kidnapped, Sahiba points out the nails protruding from the tires. Jasleen and Prabjot notice a smoke canister nearby and suspect foul play against Angad and Sahiba. Soon, Inder and others arrive with the police. Jasleen explains everything and believes this is a deliberate attack on Angad and Sahiba. The inspector turns to Sahiba and asks for her identity. Without hesitation, she declares herself as Angad’s wife and implores him to find him quickly. Garry then shows the inspector a photo of Angad for identification purposes.

Seerat drives to a telephone booth and awaits a call from her accomplice. Yash contacts her via a pay phone and inquires about Angad. Seerat recounts how they had abducted Angad, then explains the circumstances under which she and Yash had met – when Angad had thrown her out of his house – and how they both plotted revenge against him and Sahiba. Yash reveals that he managed to persuade a plastic surgeon to alter Angad’s appearance through surgery. Seerat adds that she plans to manipulate Angad’s face, memories, identity, etc., and make Sahiba see herself in her sister’s position with her husband. She mentions sending him a list of required medical equipment. Yash instructs her to retrieve the items herself.

As Angad struggles to free himself, he tries to escape the house but finds the door locked. He picks up a knife. Manveer says they all will search for Angad and warns Sahiba not to do it herself and get into trouble, as even her life is essential to them. As the kidnapper dragged Angad into the jungle, Sahiba said they needed to search for him in the jungle. Garry books a cottage. Sahiba thinks Angad is somewhere and she will find him.


Angad tries to escape. Seerat returns and ties him down again. Angad shouts for help. Sahiba and Manveer listen.

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