Udne Ki Aasha 21st April 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali’s New Challenges

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The Episode begins with Sayali sobbing and longing for her family. Aaji comforts her, assuring her that, given time, she will accept this house. Aaji then takes on the role of both Sayali’s mother and grandmother, telling her to focus on bringing joy into the household. She addresses Sayali as “Maayka” and “Nanimaa,” emphasizing that she should sleep peacefully and not dwell on negative thoughts. Sayali nods in agreement and falls back asleep. Later, Renu wakes to get a glass of water and notices the front door is open. Her immediate concern is that a thief has entered their home. She tries to wake up Paresh and Akash, frantically beating Akash and urging him to get up. She grabs a stick as a means of defense against the intruder.

Upon Paresh’s arrival, Renu informs him that the door is open, indicating the possible presence of a thief inside their house. Concerned by this, they go to investigate. Aaji also arrives, and upon learning about the thief, she suggests calling the police. Renu disagrees, stating they do not have time, and instructs Akash to confront the thief. However, before they can reach the supposed thief, they encounter Sayali, who is making Rangoli. Paresh finds this amusing and clarifies that no thief is present. Confused by Sayali’s presence at their house at such an hour, Renu questions her motives. Sayali explains that it is her habit to make Rangoli and has done so to welcome the Lord home. Everyone admires the beautiful Rangoli, while Akash expresses his initial misunderstanding about a potential intruder in their home.

Paresh teases Renu, saying it’s early morning, and Sayali mentions Brahma Mahurat. Aaji praises Renu’s luck in finding a good daughter-in-law who doesn’t wake up early. In response, Renu asks who asked Paresh to make this comment. Sayali mentions that she is used to waking up at 4 am. Renu complains that Sayali ruined her sleep and foolishly tells her to stop. Paresh defends Sayali and tells her to ignore Renu as she won’t understand. Sayali kindly offers coffee for everyone while Paresh invites her to join them for food. However, Sayali declined and said she would have coffee later. Renu enters the room just then, and Aaji scolds her for waking up so late. Renu takes a jab at Sayali, but Akash interrupts by saying the coffee tastes good and urges Renu to try it. To everyone’s surprise, Renu enjoys the coffee made by Sayali.

Paresh smiles and comments on the beverage, to which the other woman responds with a lukewarm reaction. Spotting Sayali, she observes her using a large steel cup for her coffee. Akash, unfazed, asks for clarification. The woman then jokes about Sayali’s potential caffeine intake, given her cup size. Akash smiles, and Renu joins in with a quip. Sayali shares that she usually drinks coffee with the same utensil she prepares, and there is only one cup left. Renu suggests washing the dishes, prompting Akash to care for them himself before Sachin calls Paresh.

Paresh asks did you reach. Sachin says no, life is a journey, and no one knows the destination. Paresh says Lakshmi is home. Sachin asks who, Bua ji. Your wife woke up at 4 am and made Rangoli. She got coffee for us, and I was happy. I called you to let you share this happiness. Did you talk to her? Paresh says she is your wife, so you should contact her and ask her. Sachin says I will call her later. Paresh says she is your wife, so you should call her and ask her. Sachin says I will call her later.

Paresh insists. Sachin says he doesn’t have Sayali’s number. Paresh offers to send it to him. Sachin calls Sayali and says, “It’s me.” She asks, “Who? Don’t you have a name?” and then hangs up. Sachin calls Paresh back, frustrated that she didn’t recognize his voice. Paresh tells him he should have mentioned his name. Sachin argues that Paresh asked him to call. Paresh explains that Sayali doesn’t have his number and instructs Sachin to call again, introduce himself, and ask if she’s okay and has eaten. When Sachin hesitates, Paresh threatens to come and scold him. Sachin reluctantly agrees to call her again.


In her house, Renu insults Sayali and orders her to follow her commands. Sayali calls Sachin, who says he will come when he is ready.

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