Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Tensions Rise as Isha and Reeva Face Challenges


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ishan emphasizes to Isha that the college’s reputation and their students’ future are at stake. Shantanu appeals to him to show compassion towards the candidates. Ishan then asks Shukla to bring in the next candidate. At Trust Hospital, Savi presents Ninad’s file to the doctors, only to receive rejection after rejection. They advise her to take her grandfather back to their village as his chances of survival are slim. However, Savi cannot bear the thought of losing her grandfather so abruptly. She remembers how he stepped into her father’s shoes after his passing and feels lost on how to save him now.

Shukla informed Reeva about the interview. When Ishan drops his water glass in shock, Isha asks what happened. Shantanu says maybe the glass slips by mistake. Isha asks Reeva to sit. Ishan warns Reeva not to sit and asks who let her in. Isha asks why he is misbehaving with the candidate. Ishan says she isn’t qualified for the professor position. Isha says she has already checked the candidate’s credentials. Shantanu attempts to explain Isha.

As a representative of the Pune Education Board, Isha stops him and threatens to end the interview for the day if Ishan does not conduct the candidate interview. Ishan tells her to continue. Nishi asks Ishan to interview Reeva as their college is in a financial crisis and will suffer if university grants cease. Reeva threatens to write to the board and get university grants canceled. Ishan agrees to take the interview.

Bhavani weeps at the sight of Ninad’s condition while Haini attempts to console her. Savi arrives and reassures her that they will find a way to cover Grandfather’s medical expenses. In her typical haughty manner, Bhavani scolds Savi and cautions her against pretending to care for Grandfather’s well-being. She dismisses Vinu’s efforts to save their grandfather and insists his presence is unnecessary. However, Vinu soon returned with news that he had spoken to the doctor about lowering his consultation fee from 10,000 rupees to 6,000 rupees.

In response to Bhavani’s question of what will happen if 4000 rupees are reduced, Vinu says he is a student here, and that’s all he can do. Savi says that saving grandfather is his duty, not a favor. Vinu asks who she is to question him, what she is doing here, and what she has done so far. Savi says she doesn’t count as much as he does when she does something. The time has come for them to stay united and figure out ways to save Grandfather; Harini tells them to stop fighting.

Isha asks Reeva to relax, drink water, and start the interview. Reeva says she’s ready. She is asked why she needs the job. Reeva says she loves teaching students. Isha asks if Reeva enjoys teaching students. Looking at Ishan, Reeva says she needs this job to get her true love. Isha says the candidates previously said teaching was their passion and her first love, so getting the job gives her a chance to get it. Reeva says yes, madam.

In response to Ishan’s question, Reeva says she has previously attended this college. Ishan asks why she left midway. Reeva says she went for a better opportunity and had to leave Bhosale institute. Ishan says she left midway due to a better chance.

Reeva regrets her decision to leave him, as she was unaware of the repercussions. Ishan inquires for clarification. Reeva explains that she initially joined London Business School, per her mother’s insistence, but did not feel content there, so she left midway to return home. Ishan criticizes her self-centered nature and lack of consideration for others, questioning if she would also abandon Bhosale Institute if presented with another chance.

Shantanu says we should stop personal questions and start a property interview. Reeva thinks she will never leave Bhosale Institute as it is now her home. Isha says she may go now, and they will inform her about their decision. Reeva leaves. Vinu continues to argue. Bhavani says she will sell her Ramtek house to fund Ninad’s treatment.

When Savi asks where they will stay, Bhavani replies that she, Ninad, and Ashwini will stay in an old age home or by the road, but Ninad’s life is more important. Vinu asks if she is out of her mind, as Ninad’s chances of survival are only 30% after surgery, and she cannot waste their house. Even if Ninad has 2% chances of survival, Bhavani will try to save him despite the lack of practicality between relationships.


The family of Savi is kidnapped by Samrudh and threatened to marry him. Savi asks that her family not be involved. Ishan shoots them all. Savi realizes it’s her nightmare and says she can’t live alone. Ishan holds her hand and says he’s with her. Reeva feels discouraged seeing that.

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