Jhanak 1st February 2024 Written Episode Update: Arshi’s Doubts and Jhanak’s Exit

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The episode begins with the man questioning Anirudh about Arshi’s departure. Anirudh responds by stating that she decided to leave. The man then inquires if there is an issue, mentioning Shrishti’s departure. Anirudh explains that Arshi is not feeling well, and he cannot force her to return. The man suggests calling her again, which Anirudh agrees to do later. The man mentions they have a day off tomorrow, but Anirudh hesitates to leave. After some time, he calls Arshi, who initially doesn’t answer but eventually does upon the man’s insistence. He requests her to attend the party as everyone wants her there. Anirudh defends Jhanak’s actions while Arshi argues with him.

She says she’s unsure about marriage. She cries while he’s in shock. Jhanak arrives home, and Shubh asks Chotan to leave. Tanuja mentions that they have some unfinished business. Jhanak anticipates another round of drama. Rumi is curious about the gift hamper and checks it out, revealing an expensive phone inside. Bipasha assumes Anirudh must have made the suggestion. Lal informs everyone that Anjana and Bablu are stuck in traffic but on their way, while Appu shows Jhanak the gifts they brought. Shubh interrupts, stating that they need to discuss something important.

After Bablu compliments Jhanak on her performance, Appu reminds her that he must still listen to his song. Meanwhile, Shubh suggests that the younger ones go to bed while the adults converse. Jhanak wonders what their intentions are. Anirudh demands Arshi’s explanation of why he seems more interested in Jhanak lately, hinting at her appearance. When she accuses him of being unfaithful, he claims that she is the one who has changed. Despite his invitation for her to join the party, she believes it is solely because of his job security. However, Anirudh stands firm in his confidence and reassures her not to cry.

I regret that you do not fear that our relationship might end. He says no, you know what I want, respect your decision, I trust you, clear your doubt, this is your wish, take a break, get home safely, I’ll return later. She asks where the party is. He asks are you coming. She says I love you madly, I can’t live without you, I’m coming. He says I love you too, I’m so sorry, I’ll wait for you. She replies no, enjoy the party, I’ll come.

Anjana says it was a good day, Appu sang well, and Jhanak is famous today. Come. Rumi says if you give me this expensive phone, I will buy a cheap one. Tanuja says yes, keep it, she got it because of us, take it by right, everything is yours. Jhanak is sad.

Is it okay to keep this trophy, my name is written on it? Shubh shouts no, go to your room. Jhanak loses the trophy. She cries and leaves. Shubh says Jhanak will go to Kashmir, and I will take her there. Bipasha says we must make sure Anirudh stays there until the party ends. Shubh says we will leave early. Bipasha and Tanuja go to Jhanak and ask her to pack her bags. Anirudh asks Arshi to dance, and they dance. A man praises Jhanak.

He smiles. He thinks I’m so happy the world has praised Jhanak. Bipasha asks Arshi to pack her bags quickly. Jhanak asks when I have to leave. Tanuja says Shubh will drop you off at the bus stop sometime; don’t tell Anirudh. Jhanak asks why I would inform him when I don’t have a phone. Bipasha suggests you can call him from the bus stop. Tanuja says promise, anyway, your word will not hold water. Jhanak promises not to come back here.


Jhanak is thrown out of the house. Arshi says I won’t let Anirudh leave. Anirudh asks where you are. Jhanak leaves.

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