Suhaagan 5th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Bindiya Sacrifices for Krish Amidst Amma’s Tragic Mistake!


Suhaagan 5th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Payal comes to the party and shouts at Kaveri. As she recalls taking Nikku’s wig, she says Krish could get stuck, but I don’t see him getting stuck so that she will do the drama. She goes there, and Amma recalls him and calls him Ballu. Indu asks Baldev what Payal is doing here. Indu’s friend asks another friend what her grandson is doing here.

I will call you Kaveri repeatedly to make the old lady see herself in me and with you since she thinks I am Durga with Ballu, and you are Durga clinging to Manohar. You snatched my suhaag from me. I gave you love and respect, but you snatched my husband and home, she shouts. In response, she tells her to leave Manohar ji and says you cannot take her son away.

Amma runs the gun, and Indu gets worried. Baldev says there are fake bullets in the gun. Amma shouts Kaveri, I will kill you. She shouts to Manohar to move and says she will not leave Kaveri. Baldev asks Amma to leave and says someone might get hurt. Krish and Bindiya are shocked.

During Baldev’s attempt to get the gun, Amma fired the weapon. The bullet hit the chandelier, almost falling on Bindiya, but Krish pulled her close to him, and the chandelier fell to the ground. Bindiya tells Krish that the bullet is real. Payal thinks the work is done. Amma says I won’t leave Kaveri. Bindiya says my pyaari Amma, I’m Bindiya. Krish asks Bindiya to go behind him. Amma says Manohar ji, move away. Krish asks Amma to calm down. Amma ya shouts Kaveri and shoots at them.

After seeing the bullet about to hit Krish, Bindiya pushes him, causing the bullet to strike her chest. He gets up and holds Bindiya. He says Bindiya, I will not let anything happen to you. Amma says Kaveri has died. The doctor asks Amma to keep the gun. She keeps it. After telling Amma that she is her bahuriya, Krish removes his mustache and declares himself Krish, and Baldev regrets not listening to Indu and letting Amma stay in the house. He sheds tears at seeing Bindiya in pain as he cries.

Baldev cries as Amma looks at Bindiya and calls her Kaveri. Bindiya sings a lullaby, touches Amma’s foot, and says it isn’t her fault. Amma realizes she is a bahuriya and faints when she realizes what she has done. Baldev shouts Amma. Krish asks the Doctor to check Bindiya. The doctor says he is not a surgeon, so the bullet needs to be removed immediately. He realizes that there is a strike in hospitals.

The doctor tells Baldev that Amma is in shock because of the incident. Krish shouts shut up and lifts Bindiya to the hospital, where he will take her. Payal says I’ll come with you. When the inspector reaches the hospital, he is told there are no staff because of the strike. Krish sits in the car and tells Bindiya he will take her to a good hospital.

In response to Baldev’s question about Amma, the doctor says either she can get well or will never be well. Baldev cries and prays to God. Krish takes Bindiya to another hospital. The guard says there is no staff due to the strike. In an attempt to save his wife, Krish shouts, “Will you let my wife die?” The guard says only Hakeem or Vaid can help. Krish drives the car again.

Indu tells Baldev there has been no discovery. Vikram says nothing. During the attempt to make Amma okay, a big mishap happened, according to Indu. Baldev explains how things went wrong. Nikku asks her why he didn’t come there as Kaveri. Nikku asked her to Payal and said I was coming until Payal stopped me, and she went. Rose says Nikku was ready in the attire. Krish asks Bindiya not to sleep and to talk to him.

Krishna ji, you get irritated by my talks, so Indiya asks why you want to speak with me. Krish says yes, I want to talk to you, if you die then…Bindiya thinks I will die in your embrace, and I will take my last breath in my suhaag’s hands, so I’ll be sada suhaagan. As she feels the pain, Krish tells her you are feeling it. Bindiya says when you are around us, the pain vanishes. She closes her eyes, shocking Krish.


During a conversation with Baldev, Sakshi asks Payal how you know about Amma’s past and where the real bullets came from in the gun. She says she has installed spy cameras in the house and will bring the laptop to show the footage. Payal is shocked. Krish opens the car door, and Bindiya falls on him.

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