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The Episode begins with the goons forcibly grabbing Payal’s hand. Amidst the commotion, she pleads for Bindiya to intervene and help her. The goons mock them and order them to come towards them. In an attempt to escape, Bindiya signals Krishna and instructs Payal to shut her eyes while she throws chilli powder at the goons. Together, they make a quick getaway, but not before the father of Krishna spots a young boy and mistakenly thinks it is his missing son. Filled with despair, he wonders where else he can search for him. Meanwhile, Bindiya takes charge and grabs Payal’s hand as they run away from the dangerous situation. As they rush towards safety, the goon desperately tries to open the door that leads to their escape. Bindiya quickly spots burning coal nearby, picks it up, and throws it at the goon’s feet without hesitation.

As the first goon exits, the door closes behind him. Subsequently, the other goon emerges, and with a menacing tone, threatens to gouge out their eyes while brandishing a knife. In response, Bindiya bravely pushes him away and attempts to escape. Unfortunately, she injures her hand in the process. Krishna notices her bleeding palm and offers to tie his handkerchief around it. Payal blames Krishna for the situation and hastily tends to Bindiya’s wound before instructing him to leave before she returns. Bindiya later returns and queries about his whereabouts at the Sarpanch’s house where they were instructed to wait.

Payal informs Bindiya that he has left. She urges Payal to move on and adds that she cannot leave him stranded on the way. Meanwhile, Krishna is frantically running down the road, with a goon in hot pursuit. His father is desperately searching for him. The goon catches up to Krishna and grabs his hand, triumphantly declaring that the game is over. Just then, Bindiya jumps into action and throws a stone at the goon’s head. Krishna gratefully smiles and joins Bindiya, but unfortunately, he is struck on the head by another goon with a rod. Bindiya is horrified as she witnesses this attack by the goons. One of the goons remarks that Krishna ran too much and now he’s dead. In panic, they both flee from the scene. Bindiya checks for any signs of life in Krishna while shouting for help.

The Inspector receives a call informing him that the goons have been caught. Upon learning this news, Krishna’s father asks about his son’s condition. The caller confirms that Krishna is currently in the hospital. Bindiya and Payal then arrive at the hospital with Krishna. Bindiya enquires about his well-being while a doctor advises that he be transferred to a city hospital. A nurse then tends to Bindiya’s injured hand before she leaves with Payal. As they wait for Krishna to regain consciousness, Payal expresses frustration over the situation with the thief. Eventually, Krishna awakens and asks Payal who she is. She explains that she saved his life and questions why he does not recognize her. The doctor replies that he is suffering from trauma.

Payal questions why the person is putting on an act? The doctor explains that he is experiencing trauma. Krishna’s parents arrive at the scene. Indu expresses gratitude towards Payal for her help in saving her son and offers a gesture of appreciation by kissing her forehead. Payal responds with a simple affirmation. Indu then hands her 500 Rs notes and insists she accepts it. Inwardly, Payal is relieved that she didn’t mention Bindiya’s name. She ponders about the family’s wealth compared to her own poor background while observing that Krishna is still traumatized. Meanwhile, Bindiya is on her way there and unknowingly passes by him as she enters the ward. Payal informs Bindiya that Krishna did not even thank them for their help. Feeling regretful, Bindiya laments not knowing his name either. Payal teases Bindiya, asking if she wants to marry him instead and suggests they go home together.

Bindiya informs Dadi that she wasn’t able to ask for the boy’s name. Dadi reassures her by saying that everything happens for the best. She adds that Payal bravely fought with the goons alongside her and mentions how the boy stepped in to end their fight. Dadi then urges them to put an end to their dispute. Bindiya states her three conditions- not getting involved in anyone’s arguments, patiently waiting for things to settle, and focusing on studies. Payal also has a condition- no getting angry with each other. Bindiya agrees and they embrace each other with joy. Bindiya emphasizes on the importance of honesty in their friendship while Payal promises to do so. As they both look at the money and friendship band, they understand the value of their bond.


A grown-up Bindiya is shown. Payal and Krish dance at a wedding function. Payal says he’s Payal’s Krish. Krish calls Payal and Bindiya answers.

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