Jhanak 7th December 2023 Written Episode: A Brave Escape and New Beginnings

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The episode begins with the Inspector not seeing Jhanak’s face and telling her to go. Anirudh drives off. Tejas asks who was in the car. The inspector says that a tourist from Delhi booked the houseboat. Tejas asks whether you checked well. The inspector says yes, I have seen their faces. Tejas returns to Jhanak’s village to tell her to get out of her car. She asks Anirudh to make her get down.

Your life is in danger as well, she says. He says don’t worry about me, and I know what I’m doing. The man says I don’t know where the girl is. Tejas asks where she is. The man says I don’t know. Tejas says I’ll burn the entire village. Where is the girl? The man says we don’t know anything, she went to the government home. Tejas says she wanted to marry me, but then she ran away. She says that she was unfortunate to do so. The man lies. Tejas threatens them.

The villagers scold Jhanak as they all gather around her. Tejas then threatens to burn down the entire village if they continue to deceive him. Storming off, he leaves the group in shock. Arshi quickly contacts Anirudh with concern, but he reassures her he is safe despite network issues. When she asks about his whereabouts, he explains that he wants to spend this day with her and promises to join her soon by train. He insists on discussing something important, but Arshi urges him to focus on driving and not take risks. However, Anirudh persists and reveals that Urvashi has passed away and Jhanak has married Tejas, leaving them both shocked and unsure of what they can do.

He shares the news, and she responds that they can discuss it tomorrow as she has to leave. She bids farewell and expresses her love, and he reciprocates before ending the call. Jhanak becomes emotional and suggests going to avoid causing any trouble. Bharat inquires about Jhanak’s whereabouts, mentioning Tejas’ visit to her village. Lakshman reveals that Anirudh is not at the houseboat either. This leads to a discussion among all of them. Dadi wonders if something is going on between Jhanak and Tejas. Bharat expresses his concerns about Jhanak coming back. Dadi dismisses it as her dramatic tendencies, but he fears Tejas might go again and threaten them.

He encourages Jhanak. She cries. Kuch na kaho…plays… They reach the train station. She says you’re free now, go home, I’ll go to the police and find out if I can stay at an NGO. You will be asked many questions, and you won’t be comfortable answering them. It’s okay, I’ll handle it. He said you will need money if you don’t get a shelter home. He gives her money. She says no, I have money, I don’t want money, and we don’t know if we will meet again.

He suggests she keep the money, as it would be beneficial. She replies that connections are essential in life, but she no longer has any and must learn to rely on herself. He agrees and asks her to keep him updated on her progress. She assures him she will. He then adds that although they can’t change what happened to her, she must try to move on. She agrees and says she is ready to start anew. He expresses his guilt for leaving her alone, but she reminds him that Arshi would be upset if he didn’t go, as she loves him deeply. She urges him not to worry about her, as he has already done so much for her. He humbly responds that he did what was right and believes she will become a renowned dancer one day. She shares her determination to succeed and seek justice for her mother by finding the man who deceived her. He has faith in her ability and bids farewell with a handshake, reminding her to reach out if she ever needs help.


Jhanak and Anirudh wish each other well. She leaves. He reads Urvashi’s letter and is shocked. He shouts and runs after her.

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