Jhanak 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s Emotional Dilemma and Anirudh’s Support

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The Episode begins with Jhanak mentioning that she acquired the saree as a blessing from a temple. Dadi responds by saying that an unmarried girl should not possess such items. Jhanak assures her that she will dispose of them in water. Bipasha adds that Jhanak is willing to do so but is not speaking up for herself. However, Jhanak denies this, and Anirudh remembers her previous statement. The following day, Jhanak approaches Anirudh and informs him about some work she has to do. He asks if it concerns the list of books, to which she replies negatively and suggests immersing the saree and sindoor in water instead. However, he tells her it is unnecessary and asks what else can be done with them instead.

He suggests that you may be overthinking the situation, as our family was shocked by it. It’s a new and strange experience for them. She agrees and questions why he brought her here. He responds that repeating the same thing won’t bring about any change. She expresses that no one seems happy. He acknowledges this and explains that he prioritised taking her to a safe place. She doubts whether she is truly safe in this house. He apologizes for his odd behaviour and reminds her that he cannot control how others behave. He promises not to get angry with her and assures her that this house is a safe place to do whatever she likes. He then asks for her solution to the situation, to which she responds that she needs to leave and go to Kashmir.

She pleads with him, expressing her fear of being trapped in Tejas’ grasp if she were to return. He questions her, asking if that’s truly what she wants. She wonders aloud if being stuck in this life is better than being caged. He responds with a hint of exasperation, reminding her they had no other choice and he is working hard to make her independent. He urges her to focus on studying and preparing for exams, telling her she has the potential for great things and should trust herself more. She questions what would have happened if he hadn’t been there to protect her, worried that Tejas would have forced her into marriage, as was once her fate. He asks if she has no problem marrying Tejas, causing them to argue.

He assures her that she doesn’t need to worry about my marriage, as he will handle the surprise for Arshi’s birthday and fulfil his responsibility towards her. She questions when she became his responsibility and wants him to leave it in the water as she cannot let it go anywhere else. He responds by saying she doesn’t believe in this marriage and won’t care about what he does with it. However, she points out that it shouldn’t matter to him either. He looks at her before agreeing and decides to sway it in the water. He apologizes to Jhanak, admitting that he doesn’t know its value but promises to keep it safe. He puts the saree and sindoor box in his cupboard before heading to Shrishti’s house to meet Arshi. Unfortunately, he cannot reach her and expresses concern over her being upset with him. She blames him for causing trouble for Arshi.

“He revealed that Jhanak’s life has been shaken, and I am there to support her. You seem to have issues with her, as you often criticize her. However, I believe she is content living with Appu in my house and will adjust well there. She wonders why she can’t adjust here with us and questions if we are bad people. You’ll get to know Jhanak better soon enough; without mentioning it, her character speaks for itself. Vinayak interjects, saying, ‘Shrishti…’ but she insists on speaking her mind. Bharat mentioned about Jhanak’s friend, Rahul. Surprisingly, I know him too; he had come looking for my help during a difficult time for Jhanak. To top it off, she tells me that Rahul entrusted his responsibility to you instead. Anirudh is puzzled at this revelation while Shrishti declares that he is indeed Jhanak’s boyfriend.”

Vinayak expresses uncertainty regarding the validity of the information. He mentions that Bharat was aware of it and that Urvashi and Jhanak used to be employed there. He also brings up Anirudh’s current situation, stating that he is being deceived. Vinayak then inquires about Rahul’s lack of assistance towards Tejas. Speculating, he suggests that Rahul may have been intimidated by Tejas and highlights how their innocence has been exploited. She clarifies that she accompanied Vinayak for protection while he admits to forcing her to come along on his trip to Jammu. She reveals prior knowledge of Urvashi and explains how Jhanak is affiliated with her as her daughter. Fearing potential issues between him and Arshi, she advises Vinayak to meet with Arshi. He directs Anirudh to go to Arshi’s room, causing Shrishti to become upset as she plans to instigate hatred towards Jhanak in his mind.


She asks Anirudh where he is. Anirudh celebrates Jhanak’s birthday and cheers her up. Arshi shouts.

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