Udne Ki Aasha 15th March 2024 Written Episode: Sachin’s Journey of Struggles and Family Bonds

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The Episode begins with Sachin and Tejas engaged in a heated argument. Soon, Paresh Deshmukh’s friend Kishor joins them. Explaining the situation to Kishor, Paresh shares that he feels like his family is trying to take advantage of his retirement funds. Kishor reassures him that this is common in many households and asks him to join him at the temple. Concerned for Sachin’s well-being, Renu vouches for both brothers’ loyalty.

Meanwhile, Sayali is helping some children fly kites when Sachin suddenly arrives at the scene. Unfortunately, one kite hits Sachin, and he loses his temper by tearing it apart. Displeased by his actions, Sayali scolds him before he walks away. At the same time, Paresh and Kishor continue their conversation at the temple.

According to Kishor, dividing the money evenly among your three sons is the right thing to do. Paresh agrees as he will be staying at home after retiring. Sayali notices an elderly woman fainting and quickly comes to her aid. Taking the juice from Paresh’s hand, she feeds it to the woman and apologizes. Kaki compliments Sayali and gives her blessings. Paresh comments that Sayali has a kind heart and enjoys helping others. Sayali’s father then says she should have some juice for herself and apologizes for taking it from Paresh’s hand.

Sayali’s dad says you have given money for three glasses, and Paresh says, “keep it, let us share the good deeds she has done.” He says I wish such a girl were my daughter and bahu. He gets a call and leaves. Sachin and Paresh come home and smell the food. Sachin says our chef has arrived. Paresh asks if Akash is cooking in the kitchen. Sachin says yes. He hugs Akash and sings to him.

Akash greets Paresh with a warm hug and inquires about his well-being. Paresh responds that he is fatigued, but seeing Akash lifted his spirits. Akash then presents the food, suggesting it will help make Paresh feel even better. Tejas acknowledges that Akash has been learning to cook and asks if he plans on pursuing it as a career. Sachin chimes in, praising cooking as a form of worship and encourages Akash to continue honing his skills. This brings a smile to Paresh’s face. The group then offers some of the delicious food to the maid, who is grateful and returns their smiles. They all enjoyed the meal, and Akash proudly reacted to their positive reactions.

Sachin says you opened a hotel; this is a five-star item. Akash asks, really? Tejas jokes on them. He says it’s not bad, but you can’t open a hotel. Sachin taunts him. Renu asks Paresh to explain Sachin. Paresh stops Sachin. He says I’m retiring tomorrow, at least be like family for one day. Akash left his practical exam and came for me. Renu asks what’s special tomorrow, as Paresh is a retiring train driver.

Sachin and Tejas argue. Paresh says he has worked hard and should consider his age. He is retiring tomorrow, and he is going to get Aai from the village. Sachin smiles. Renu asks if you’d like me to attend her retirement function. Fine, do whatever. I will come with you, Sachin says. Akash agrees to come as well. Renu says you won’t go anywhere. Aaji will come here; meet her later. Paresh and Sachin leave.

Paresh says I never wanted to leave the village, but a government job was a big deal. Sachin says I understand. I left my house and got Aaji. Paresh says it’s good my mum raised you, not your mother. He laughs. He says I miss living in the village. Paresh says problems will end, and we’ll all be proud of you one day. When they reach the town, Sachin meets his friend, who says Aaji is waiting, so he comes quickly.

Seeing the neighbours, Sachin runs over and hugs her. Paresh greets Aaji. The neighbour asks how they’re doing. Aaji smiles at them. Paresh says he’ll make you food. Paresh tells her about his retirement. He says come home with us. She says no, I’m happy here. He says I know you don’t want to come because of Renu. Due to Kundali, Aaji made Sachin go, and the village is grateful to him for his farming ideas.

He says it’s okay; don’t get sad. She says don’t get sad. He says it’s okay. She asks why you’re sad; tell me. He says I lost my job. She says it’s a little thing; let go of the tension. Tell me what I taught you: if you work hard and have talent, you can get any job. His friend says everyone’s waiting for you; come. Sachin departs.

Later, Paresh and Sachin have a meal and rest before spending quality time together, exchanging smiles. Sachin expresses his gratitude for the love he received from his Aaji, to which Paresh reassures him that they also love him and understand his feelings. Aaji announces her plans to visit Mumbai for Sachin’s wedding, but he quickly shuts down the idea, revealing his distaste for marriage due to a past heartbreak with his lover. In another scene, Sayali presents a garland to Kishor, who appreciates it and enlists her help to deliver it to its intended recipient. Aaji believes that someone is out there eagerly waiting with a garland in hand for Sachin.


Sayali refuses to give Sachin the garland. A man insults Sachin. Sachin fights Paresh. The lady calls the police.

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