Udne Ki Aasha 27th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali and Sachin’s First Night Preparations

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Udne Ki Aasha 27th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Paresh asks Sachin to inform Sayali that he will be leaving. Sachin informs Sayali and leaves. Paresh suggests we call Shobha to prepare for Sachin and Sayali’s suhaagraat. Shakku says yes. Renu says no one will be coming here. Shakku arranges everything. Shakku blesses Sayali and asks why she is sad. She says she’s scared to stay here. No worries, Shakku says. Paresh is here; Sachin is a good guy; call me if you have any problems. Sayali nods. Shakku leaves.

In a phone call, Paresh asks Sachin to come home. Sachin says you have to go home right away. Paresh asks him to come in soon. Renu claims he will get drunk and come home. Shakku tells him not to say that, and Sayali waits for him. Sayali talks to Shobha on the call. Shobha asks her to adjust a little bit. She pacifies Sayali. He says I wouldn’t say I like anything, Paresh is preparing some rasam. Shobha asks if it’s the first night. She wishes Sayali. Sayali keeps tense.

Paresh waits for Sachin. He comes home in a sober state. Renu is shocked. Paresh smiles. Sachin gives Paresh the money. He says I asked you to come soon. Paresh says I asked you to give money to your wife, and you are married now. Sachin says I gave her yatra money, keep it. He enters the room.

Shakuntala, Paresh says Sachin’s 100rs is like one lakh for me, and he gave me six lakhs. Renu gets angry. Paresh leaves. Shakku says Sachin did not get drunk; he is now responsible. Renu says he will never change. Sachin and Sayali pray. Sachin jokes on Renu’s sad face. Paresh asks Renu to bless Sachin and Sayali. Renu refuses.

Shakku asks Sayali to come here to receive her blessings. Paresh and Renu bless them. Sachin sees his decorated room. He asks Shakku why he made a single-bed double. Renu says Sayali will run away from Sachin. Shakku leaves. Sachin asks what’s this. Sayali says Shakuntala sent you this milk. He says you drink it. She says you must drink this first.

Sachin jokes as he eyes the fruits on the table. He indulges in the sweets, causing her to touch his feet. He jumps up in a burst of excitement, and she admits that everyone asked her to do so. He quickly corrects her, stating that only their parents and the Lord’s feet should be touched, no one else’s. A smile forms on her lips as she replies that she has no intention of seeking forgiveness from him. However, she was interested in talking to him about helping her mother if it was not inconvenient for him. He calmly permitted her to carry on with her plans, understanding that she needed to support her siblings’ education. Confidently, he tells her to live her life and let him live his own. As he sips his drink, she is taken aback with surprise. But without hesitation, he offers her a drink as well.


Paresh scolds Sachin. Sachin argues with Sayali.

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