Kavya 3rd June 2024 Written Episode: Adi Questions Anjali’s Intentions


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The Episode begins with Adi inquiring about Anjali’s inclusion in the list, prompting Giriraj to direct her to check Anjali’s name and signature, which were both according to her wishes. He then assures her that he will get the chosen candidates appointed. This causes Kavya to become anxious. A man expresses his gratitude towards Giriraj, the only educated person on his list. Giriraj instructs the man to hand over the money. The man explained that he had already paid 15 lakhs. The PA then informs him that he will receive a government job, a peaceful life and a pension, but will have to pay 20 lakhs for it. This leaves the man wondering how he will accumulate the remaining five lakhs, but Giriraj emphasizes that his degree is paramount and shows him the money before leaving.

Kavya approaches Anjali and inquires about her application for the government teaching position. Anjali confirmed that she did apply, as Giriraj had offered her the opportunity and provided her with the necessary form. Kavya expresses disappointment, prompting Adi to intervene and suggest discussing the matter calmly. Anjali is confused by their reactions and asks what has happened. Adi then explains the scheme they had started, which Mayank overhears and joins the conversation. Giriraj arrives and defends Anjali, causing Adi to question his presence. Giriraj defends Anjali, stating that they treat her like she has committed a crime, and he stands by her side. Adi questions Giriraj’s involvement in having Anjali apply.

Anjali argues. Kavya says Anjali can’t get this job because she did BA in Hindi and she is not a B. Ed. Giriraj argues with her. As Anjali cries, Kavya says withdraw your name from the list and try to understand it. She gets dizzy. She gets dizzy. Adi says that’s enough. He says you need to take an injection today. Giriraj says she doesn’t listen and takes tension for no apparent reason. He asks Anjali not to withdraw her name. He leaves.

Anjali is crying when Rajeev arrives. He asks Giriraj why he came here. Shubh flirts with Anubha. He asks did Kavya give you any list to verify, why didn’t you tell me. She says she thought you’d know, don’t take it personally, it’s my protocol to tell Kavya. He says yes, I’m not worth you, I don’t deserve you.

You have given Anubha a reason to live, so I am doing my duty with respect. He says I know, I want your help. She thinks I can do whatever you need. He tells me what Kavya will do, and you have earned her trust. She agrees. Adi and Kavya check the names and bios. Adi says she needs to relax. She wonders why her dad wants this list. He cheers her up and says I won’t get them to pass the wrong one.

Rajeev’s fault Anjali came in Giriraj’s words and spoiled Kavya’s hard work. Mayank argues with him. Doctor gives Kavya medicine. Adi calls, saying I have to leave for imp work. Kavya asks him to go, and the driver will take her home. Doctor asks Kavya to take care. She sees Anjali there. Anjali says I know teaching, I’m not a fake, whatever you and your dad tell me. She takes Kavya’s medicine by mistake. Kavya fails to explain her. She says she won’t do anything wrong with her.


Kavya is on her way. Adi falls in danger. A goon pushes Kavya away.

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