Maati Se Bandhi Dor 27th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vaiju and Ranvijay’s Forced Marriage

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 27th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kaki asking Vaiju to come home. Vaiju says no, I have to do work, or else I will do the job. You go. Kaki says going home during the rain will be difficult, so we should leave. Vaiju says no, I will finish my work. Kaki departs. Kailash asks Aaji to go and find Vaiju. Kailash refuses to go out in the storm. Ranvijay says there is no network. Aaji says I’m worried about Vaiju, you have a big car, will you get her?

Thanks, Ranvijay says. She says I’ll come along. He says no, the weather is terrible. Do not worry, I’ll get her. He leaves. Vaiju leaves the factory after completing her work. The umbrella flies off. Seeing her, Ranvijay stops the car. She says, “You’re here.” He replies, “Get in!” She sits in the car, and he takes her home.

He gives her his jacket. She says no, jacket will get spoiled, sorry, I spoiled your car. He says no, it’s okay, wear it. She asks how Jaya is doing. He says she has yet to improve. She gets Durga’s chain from his pocket and says this… He says I came to return this. Aai thought this would help you. Aai kept this for her son-in-law. The apology he gave her was unnecessary.

According to her, our focus should be on Jaya to resolve everything. He agrees with Aai’s assessment of your stubbornness but notes that you have a soft heart. Suddenly, she notices large rocks tumbling down the hill and immediately urges the driver to stop the car. The driver maneuvers the car carefully. When Vasundhara tries to call him, she realizes his phone is unreachable. Rao Sahab inquires about what happened. Ranvijay halts the car, and Vasundhara expresses her concern about being unable to reach him. He reassures her, pointing out the stormy weather, and suggests that her blood pressure might increase due to worry. She expresses her anxiety about him, and he directs her attention to the car stuck in muddy terrain.

Vaiju notices more rocks heading their way. Deciding to take action, she grabs some stones and places them under the car tyre. With a push, she successfully frees the car from the pit. Quickly jumping inside, they make their way out. As Aaji offers a prayer, Kailash reassures her that Ranvijay and Vaiju are not stuck anywhere and he is interested in her. As they continue their journey, the couple encounters a roadblock due to water. They take shelter in the car while Aaji scolds Kailash for his words earlier. Ranvijay suggests waiting inside until the water clears, and Vaiju agrees. Eventually, they all drift off to sleep.

Vasundhara keeps calling Ranvijay. In the morning, villagers break the car’s window. Ranvijay and Vaiju wake up. The villagers point guns at them and surround the car. Mukhiya says, “Get them.”. Kailash scolds Vaiju. Vaiju says it’s nothing like that. Ranvijay asks if you’re mad, and Mukhiya scolds him.

Upon seeing the news, Rao Sahab discovers that Ranvijay and Vaiju are untraceable. He suggests sending Shambu and Jaikant to locate them. In the meantime, Ranvijay retaliates against a villager and tries to retrieve a gun. However, the men manage to seize him again. Despite Vaiju’s plea for their innocence, Kailash accuses them of wrongdoing. However, after Ranvijay and Vaiju clarify the situation, Mukhiya dismisses their claims as a typical response from those caught and attempts to portray themselves as innocent. As Kailash threatens to expose Vaiju’s actions, he humiliates her in front of everyone.

Kailash asks Mukhiya not to kill Ranvijay and decides to get them married as a village custom. They get shocked. Ranvijay scolds Kailash. Mukhiya says we will punish you with death. Vaiju says no, spare him. Kailash asks Mukhiya not to kill Ranvijay.

Ranvijay is threatened by Mukhiya and asked to marry him. The men get angry. Kailash says look at him, and he’s talking big about something while doing something disgusting. Mukhiya says to kill him. Vaiju asks what the point of punishing an innocent man is this way. A man shoots at Ranvijay. Mukhiya yells. Vaiju worries.


Aaji brings Vaiju to the mandap. Ranvijay marries Vaiju. Vaiju weeps.

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