Suhaagan 16th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Payal’s Confrontation with Bindiya


Suhaagan 16th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

Bindiya inquires about Krishna’s well-being, responding that he recently consulted a psychiatrist. Payal then questions why he would seek help from a doctor, suggesting that he thinks she is mentally unstable. However, Krishna assures her that she will stay calm. In response, Payal accuses him of thinking she is abnormal. But Krishna clarifies that his visit to the psychiatrist was out of concern for her unusual behavior and lack of sleep at night. Mummy asks what they should do when Payal doesn’t sleep, and Krishna explains how she kept him up all night searching for a snake. Mummy dismisses their argument and instructs them to get Payal some rest. Taking matters into his own hands, Krishna guides Payal to bed.

In her words, Amma says to Bindiya, “Look, we’ve made it.” Bindiya responds, but I’m worried about Payal. Although Bindiya sympathizes with Payal’s hypersensitivity, Amma warns her not to express concern, fearing Payal’s negative impact on the family. Later, Amma places a knife in Payal’s room, leading to a horrific confrontation. Tired by the knife, Payal chases Bindiya to the kitchen, trying to harm her.

Payal pursues Indiya with the knife, but Krishna intervenes, getting injured in the process. Shakshi advises restraining Payal to prevent further harm. Krishna contacts a psychiatrist for guidance, and the doctor recommends immediate medication. The medication is recognized by Bindiya, who reveals Payal had given it to Amma in the past.

Despite Payal’s incorrect method of caring for Amma, Bindiya punishes her by following the same rules. She prepares a glass of water with four pills, but Payal refuses to take the medicine and blames Baldev for not questioning Bindiya’s actions. Despite Baldev and Krishna’s support of Bindiya, Payal insists that Bindiya should care for her health. She then asks Krishna if he agrees with this idea, to which he responds yes and asks if Bindiya is willing to help them. However, Amma remains silent and shakes her head no in response to Bindiya’s offer.


When Krishna asks to remove the CCTV camera, Payal gets angry and asks him, why did you do this, how will we know if Bindiya tries to harm me. Krishna tells her, don’t worry, I will be with you all the time.

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