Kumkum Bhagya 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Veera drives the car. Ranbir tells her that the rear tyre is punctured. Veera’s friend tells her that Wilson is behind. Wilson shoots the other tyre. Prachi warns that if Veera doesn’t stop the car, the car will fall upside down. Veera says he has a gun. Ranbir asks him to stop the car or else they will not be saved.

Ranbir and Prachi refuse. Wilson says he is saying it for the last time. He tells Prachi they should go out. They leave the car. Prachi asks Wilson to move back. Wilson asks Prachi and Khushi to march towards the jeep. Veera shouts Balbira. Balbira asks Veera to stay away from the jeep. Prachi says even I will come with her. Wilson says only Khushi will go with Balbira and asks her to let her go, otherwise, she will be killed.

Ranbir asks Prachi to make Khushi sit in the jeep. Prachi refuses. Wilson tells her to listen to Khushi. They laugh when Prachi says I will make her sit. Inspector tells Wilson he will not leave him. Wilson says your law can’t touch me and asks him to just wear the uniform and take the salary every month.

Ranbir hits Wilson and makes his gun fall to the ground. The inspector says he will show you what I can do. Wilson shoots at the ground to stop him. They sit in the car. Balbira tells that the car isn’t starting. Balbira gets down and aims a gun at Prachi. He says he will shoot her, but there is no bullet in the gun. The inspector beats the goon and takes Khushi out.

Immediately after Prachi slaps Balbira, Balbira pushes her down. Prachi shouts Ranbir. Ranbir leaves Wilson and rushes to Prachi. Wilson points his gun at Ranbir. In order to save Ranbir, Khushi rushes to them and takes a bullet to the chest. A shocked Ranbir shouts Khushi. Prachi also shouts Khushi. Ranbir gets angry and beats Wilson. Inspector runs behind the jeep. Prachi shouts at Ranbir and asks him to come, as Khushi is not breathing.

The car tyres are changed by Veera, and Khushi is taken to the hospital by Akshay. Rhea, Pallavi and Dida are in another cab. Akshay calls Prachi, and she asks Ranbir how he is. Akshay and Rhea get shocked when Ranbir says that a bullet is shot. Rhea tells Pallavi and Dida that Ranbir says that the bullet is shot. Pallavi asks if you are okay.

Prachi tells Ranbir that their phone is off. Akshay asks the taxi driver to stop. He cries and asks how Prachi was shot. Akshay cries and yells at Prachi from the road. He pleads with God to save Prachi and asks the taxi driver to take him to the nearby hospital. In a flashback, Prachi asks Khushi to open her eyes and not close them. Khushi tells Ranbir that she cannot breathe.

Khushi stays on the road and tells Ranbir that he can’t go like this. Prachi tells Ranbir that they could not save Panchi. Veera stops the car and says we will make her lie down on the ground. In front of Veera and his friend, Ranbir tells Khushi that we are bad parents for this world, but we will serve her. He asks Khushi to perform CPR on her and presses her chest.

Ranbir and Prachi cry asking Khushi to get up. Prachi says she’s breathing. Ranbir says thank God, we’ll take her to the hospital. He asks Veera to take them there as soon as possible. Ranbir says we will save Panchi. Prachi cries and hugs him again. Ranbir says we are not bad parents, and we will save her.

Ranbir tells Prachi that you are the best mother in the world. They cry and hug each other, and recall blaming each other for Panchi’s death. Veera asks Ranbir to take them to the hospital immediately. Ranbir says he won’t allow anything to happen to her. The taxi driver asks if your wife got shot. Akshay says that he never asked for anything, and asks God to save his Prachi.

Dota asks how you can say that. Pallavi asks him to understand. Rhea asks the taxi driver to take them fast. The driver asks her to search the location, it is 10 minutes away. The driver says sorry, I didn’t understand that your husband was shot. Dida asks him to have humanity. Rhea says I beg you to take us fast.

Ranbir is feeling pain in his hand, so Prachi takes Khushi from Ranbir as he cannot hold her. Veera stops the car at the hospital, saying nothing will happen to the girl. He goes to the police station. Khushi is taken inside. The receptionist asks them to take her to the emergency room. She informs Dr Mehta.

When Pallavi, Dida, and Rhea reach a hospital, they ask for Ranbir Kohli. The nurse says he is not admitted here. Rhea wonders where Ranbir is. She sees a temple and sits in prayer. All of the family depends on him, he is our life, don’t let anything happen to him, and says he saved a girl he doesn’t even know.

Dida and Pallavi see Rhea praying. She says nothing will happen to him, he has suffered much pain, as well as me.

Dida says Rhea loves Ranbir a lot and is willing to sacrifice her life for him. She says that if any trouble comes his way, she will become his shield and will ensure that nothing bad happens to him.

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