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Vishaka tries to stop Akshay. Akshay stops her and tells her that their performance is missing. He asks DJ to play the song. He asks Manpreet to stand there and see their performance. He drinks wine and breaks the glass. He says Ranbir and Prachi are going to have a good moment. He asks what happened. Do you not want to dance?

Ashok tries to stop Akshay. He asks Ranbir to move back and asks Prachi to dance with him. Ashok asks what happened if she doesn’t get any feelings, and says you’re my wife. Akshay tells everyone that Ranbir is a disgusted person. He says he searches for chances to roam around my wife like a housefly on the jaggery. Prachi is shocked and says Akshay. Ranbir asks what you’re saying.

Akshay says my wife herself provokes him and lets him touch her. Ashok asks what nonsense you are saying? Akshay says I am talking, the problem is in my wife, she doesn’t stop him from touching her, so Ranbir’s fault is not his. He says girls like you can’t get a good family, they’re disgusting, cheap, and characterless. When Ranbir gets angry, he hits Akshay, asking how dare he criticize Prachi.

The two of them fight and the family members and guests are shocked. Abhay tries to stop Akshay while Ashok and Aryan stop Ranbir. He beats Akshay up. He hits Akshay with his head. Akshay says I have proven my point, everyone saw. He says I was talking to my wife, so why did you get angry? He says my wife isn’t stopping you and giving you rights. Ranbir gets angry and holds his neck.

Prachi asks Ranbir to leave Akshay for God’s sake. Ranbir asks why and with what right I will leave him. Akshay says Prachi likes you, and when she does, she will stop you. Manpreet gets angry and slaps Akshay. She says if you utter more words, I’ll forget you’re my son. Prachi walks away with tears in her eyes.

Ashok gets angry and says he does not want to talk to this drunkard guy and asks Vishaka to help him get out of the drunken effect. Ranbir was about to go behind her. Akshay says I am not drunk and says you all are inebriated and blind in Ranbir’s trust. Vishaka helps Pallavi make kada. Akshay says I am not drunk and says you all are inebriated and blind.

Pallavi makes kada and brings it there. They ask him to drink. Ranbir makes him drink forcibly and asks Pallavi when he will be fine. Pallavi says it will take between 5-10 minutes.

In her room, Prachi recalls Akshay’s words. She takes her trolley and puts her clothes in it. Shahana tries to stop her and asks where she is going? Prachi says she doesn’t want to talk. Shahana says you do the right thing, and asks why you didn’t answer Akshay and listened silently, as he was raising his finger at you. Prachi says you shouldn’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t value you.

Akshay comes out of drunken state. Ranbir goes to him angrily, but everyone stops him. Dida asks if you remember now. Akshay realizes what he did and looks for Prachi. Mihika asks what you think about you, and she says you don’t know how to speak, and asks him to be polite. She asks if you’re crazy to say Ranbir is interested in Prachi.

You are forcing me to tell everyone the truth, she says, and she says he risked her life to save his life. In her opinion, he’s a scared little rat who was on the gun point when the mall attack happened, and you hid in a corner, so Ranbir saved Prachi. If my Ranbir was not there, Prachi bhabhi wouldn’t have been saved. She says I made you understand many times, but you still don’t.

She should keep her tongue in check whenever she talks to Akshay, who says that everyone knows that she’s mad. He says you cannot handle relationships and would like to marry Ranbir. Ashok scolds Ranbir and says if you had any problems, you would have talked to him. He asks if you are jealous of him, since he is better than you. He asks him to apologize to Prachi.

Having done something wrong, Manpreet asks him to apologize. Vishaka says Prachi has been hurt by you, and asks him to go and convince her. Ranbir says Prachi can go if you don’t accept your mistake. Akshay says he will apologize to both of them. As he leaves, he apologizes to Ranbir.

Shahana asks Prachi to take her charger. When Prachi is about to leave, Akshay asks, “What are you doing?” Prachi asks him to move from her way. Akshay says sorry. Prachi asks why? Akshay says I have accused you. Akshay says you can’t accuse or blame me. She says you are wrong if you think I am hurt and feeling bad because of your dirty mind. She says I am angry with myself and I can’t comprehend you.

She says I thought you were good and sensible, but today you have shown me how your thoughts were. Akshay says I wasn’t in my senses. Prachi says you stood on your feet, shouting my name and accusing me. She says you were in your senses. Akshay says I will be ruined if you leave me. Prachi says I didn’t take responsibility for making your life better. She says this relationship was true because we had friendship, but now we don’t have any friendship.

Then Akshay asks Shahana to explain it to Prachi, and Prachi listens. Prachi arrives with her bag. Ashok and Manpreet see her. She says she is leaving the house because of Akshay, not because of them. She thanks Manpreet for taking care of her, and says she won’t stay where she is disrespected. Ranbir says he’ll drop Prachi off.

He says Prachi doesn’t need him and I’ve been suffering because of you. Ranbir asks what did I do? He says Akshay insulted me too, and he says if his thoughts are dirty about you, then it is dirty for me too. Akshay has assassinated my character too, and he asks if I intend to trap him.


Ranbir says he likes Prachi a lot. Akshay says do whatever you want.


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