Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th August 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Angad drives Seerat home from a club where she had been drinking. Seerat mentions that the club was filled with couples showing affection towards each other, wondering if there was something wrong with her for being alone. Angad responds by suggesting they discuss it later. Seerat then confesses her love for him. In shock, Angad stops the car and steps out, noting that she is intoxicated. Seerat argues that it doesn’t matter, as she loves him and wants to express it. Angad remains silent. Meanwhile, Sahiba considers talking to Angad about Akaal’s request to persuade Inder not to adopt Simran. However, upon going to Angad’s room, she realizes he is not there and also notices Simran’s absence.

Seerat walks on the street when Angad stops her and asks her where she is going. She tells him Garry left her, Sahiba doesn’t understand her, and Sahiba troubles her instead, and Angad understands her and has brought her into Brar House. Angad rescues her from a speeding bike and pulls her towards him. As she continues to express her love for him, she collapses.

Sahiba searches for Simran in the entire house. Veer and Inder join her and they do not find Simran. When Angad reaches home, he tries to awaken Seerat. He finds her ear ring stuck to her seatbelt and keeps it in his coat pocket. Angad lifts Seerat and drops her into her room. Seerat in sleep whispers that Angad is her favorite. As Simran is not found in the entire house, Inder asks Angad if he had seen her.

Angad searches for Simran. Akaal and Japjyoth hear a noise. Angad asks where Sahiba is. Veer says she went out to check. He walks away. Sahiba cries hugging him and says Simran was nowhere to be found. Inder asks Manveer if she saw Simran. Manveer says she hates Simran and doesn’t want to hear about her. Akaal receives a call from an unknown number. Sahiba asks Angad where he was since he wasn’t home. An Angad recalls Seerat’s confession. Inder calls them both.

Then Veer tells them that Daarji received a phone call and has been sitting silent since. Akaal says it was the kidnapper who kidnapped Simran. Sahiba asks how that can be since she made Simran fall asleep in her room a while ago. Veer says Simran didn’t go out of the house, so he checks the number and says it’s not a local number.

Angad asks how they will arrange such a large amount in such a short period of time. Kidnapper video calls Akaal and shows Simran. Simran pleads for her protection. Kidnapper demands 20 crore rupees within an hour. Inder agrees to give him jewelry and tells his family that his daughter won’t suffer. Kidnapper says it’s not difficult for Brars, but they can give jewelry instead.

It is said that nothing will happen to Simran. Prabjyoth says they do not have jewelry worth 20 crore. Manveer says she will give her jewelry as she is not that stonehearted to not assist Inder in need. Angad asks everyone to bring jewelry and cash. Sahiba gives her jewelry and prays for Simran’s survival.


Simran’s life is at risk due to organ failure. Angad says he will spend any amount of money to save Simran. The doctor says they do not have a donor.

Sahiba agrees to donate her organ. Angad says he can’t lose her. Sahiba says she can’t lose Simran. Angad shouts Sahibaa during surgery.


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