Anupama 21st January 2024 Written Episode: Devika’s Emotional Call, Anupama’s Sweet Gesture, and Vanraj’s Concern

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Devika calls Anupama and cries when her phone call does not connect. If I had talked to you, I would have found some peace. She gives him some sweets and says yesterday was an Indian festival, and these are Indian sweets. She says she made these for them and gave them a box. Alex thanks her and says he likes Indian sweets. He asks what kind of festival it was.

Anupama explains Makar Sankranti and Lohri to him. She tells him she danced yesterday for Lohri. Alex says let’s dance if you are free. Anupama says this is my break time, so let’s dance. Kinjal and Angel see the dancers dancing. Angel says they’re the same musicians. Vanraj finds Tapish lying on the floor in his room. In his room, Vanraj finds Tapish lying on the floor. Vanraj helps him get up, asks if he needs anything, and goes.

Tapish and Dimpy both reminisce about their times together with a smile on their faces. Meanwhile, Rahul serves tea to Yashdeep, who thoroughly enjoys it. He compliments the tea and expresses that he hasn’t had such a delicious cup. Rahul playfully reveals that Anu’s A stands for Amazing, to which Yashdeep agrees by adding that she is a multitasker who excels in cooking and many other tasks. He wonders how she manages it all, to which Rahul attributes it to her being a mother. He jokingly invites Yashdeep to join the “Joshi Ben fan club.” Just then, KD arrives with a greeting card for Anupama. She excitedly opens it and is touched by the message written by Pari inside. Overcome with emotion, she steps outside the restaurant and is pleasantly surprised to see Pari and Kinjal standing before her. As the song “Apne Toh Apne Hote Hai” plays in the background…

Yashdeep and Rahul look at her and kiss and hug her. Vikram arrives at them. Anupama hugs Kinjal and Pari and cries. Rahul says they might be A’s family, whom she met after a long time. Vikram says nobody can say that; seeing A’s smile, she has many tears hiding in her eyes. She signs Yashdeep for a break. Yashdeep signs her to go.

A doubt in Vanraj’s mind doesn’t seem wrong, and he feels something is hidden between Dimpy and Titu. Titu says her Papa slept, but he arrived. Dimpy says Papa won’t agree and that she wants to break down this barrier. He hugs him tight. He thinks we’ll elope and marry and can claim Ansh’s custody. He says we’ll love him so much that he’ll forget about his dadu. Dimpy says yes and says Ansh will come with us as well. She hugs him tightly.

In front of us, Vanraj asks, “How dare you?” He tries to hit Titu, realizing he is imagining them talking. He says he won’t let Ansh separate from him, as he is his only support. Even if someone calls him unfair and selfish, he believes that he will not lose him and that God has wronged him by taking Samar, so he cannot expect goodness from him.

Kinjal tells Anupama that Toshu turned his face when he saw her. Kinjal says they met the musician, saw the restaurant name on the sweets box, and thought you were there. Kinjal tells her they saw the restaurant name on the sweets box and thought you were there. Kinjal asks her not to cry, says your son doesn’t want to meet me and asks her to tell him what she has done wrong and that he doesn’t want to meet her. She tells Kinjal he is telling her not to cry because your son and my husband have changed.

He thinks Kinjal has gone to meet Mummy and believes she cannot find her in the big city. Kinjal says he doesn’t want to meet anybody. Kinjal tells Toshu doesn’t support her in any work. She says she worked for 18 hours and couldn’t manage it now. When Toshu calls her, Kinjal sees his video call and says she did not tell him she was there to meet her. She says she is so stressed. Toshu wonders why Kinjal didn’t pick up the phone, so she calls him.

Toshu inquires about the whereabouts of a female individual, to which Kinjal responds that she joined her friend at a local restaurant. He then requests Kinjal to introduce Angel, and she shows him Angel having fun with KD. Toshu then asked who the third person was, and Kinjal explained that it was a hotel staff member. She concludes their conversation by mentioning that she must depart. Meanwhile, Anupama contacts Pari and shares her plans to teach her traditional Indian dance in secret. She fondly recalls how she first held Pari when she was born. Kinjal reminisces about Dadi’s love for Pari being unparalleled. Anupama embraces Pari while Kinjal announces their departure time.


Anupama smells burning as the restaurant catches fire. She calls Yashdeep and informs him. She sends KD out to get help. Anupama faints and Anuj wakes up screaming Anupama’s name.

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