Anupama 20th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 20th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In shock, Anupama sees Adhik slapping Pakhi. Romil grins and pats himself for sending her there on time. Anupama holds Pakhi’s hand and looks at Adhik angrily. As Romil believes Anupama reacts to her son-in-law’s misbehavior, let’s see what action she will take. Pakhi panics and thinks he can’t lie now after Anupama saw it, he is done. Anupama hugs Pakhi tightly and takes her to her room.

As Anupama asks why Pakhi is covering up her husband’s mistake, if she wants to suffer as she did for 25 years, Pakhi replies that Adhik is not like that. Pakhi pleads not to tell anyone about it. Anupama says she will and calls Vanraj asking him to bring Leela and Hasmukh there immediately. Anuj hears her and asks whether everything is okay. Anupama says she has something to share.

Vanraj has informed his parents about Pakhi’s situation. It’s clear that something has happened, otherwise Anupama wouldn’t have called them to discuss family matters. Barkha reprimands Adhik for raising his hands on Pakhi. She reminds him that even if Pakhi remains silent, Anupama will not hesitate to punish him. And Anuj won’t hesitate to kick him out of the house. We all know how protective Vanraj becomes when it comes to his children.

Shahs reach KM. Vanraj angrily asks Adhik how dare he raise hands on his daughter. Barkha defends Adhik, saying it’s common between husband and wife. Anupama confronts her. Barkha says Anupama slaps everyone and is acting hypocritical. As she is older to Barkha, Anupama warns her that she has not slapped Barkha yet because her cheap acts deserve more slaps than she has so far.

Barkha is tongue lashed by Anuj next. Leela says Adhik must have physically harassed Pakhi the other day, but she misunderstood when Pakhi misbehaved with him. Barkha says it’s okay if Pakhi slaps Adhik and he shouldn’t react. Leela warns her not to twist the words, saying Pakhi raised her hand but didn’t slap Adhik.

She writhes in pain as Anupama and Vanraj force her to show her hand, asking if she slapped Adhik. Pakhi says no, Adhik slapped her instead. Vanraj and Vanraj are shocked to see her hands turn blue with Adhik’s fingerprints. They shout at Adhik how dare he hit his daughter. Barkha pleads to stop. Instead of punching a sofa, Vanraj says he wants to break his face.

Anuj asks him not to spoil his hand by touching a heinous person. Pakhi stops him and says she doesn’t want to file a complaint against her husband. Vanraj calls police. Anupama tries to explain to her that she does not have to endure domestic violence and Adhik needs to be punished. Pakhi shouts why she interferes between husband and wife. Drama continues.


If Adhik does not start emotional blackmail, he will go to jail, according to Barkha. Pakhi apologizes to Adhik for protecting him, while Anuj says even the biggest criminals rely on emotional blackmail to avoid jail time. No matter how Pakhi pleads with them, a mother will always do what is right for her child.

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