Anupama 13th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 13th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama informs Leela that she won’t be able to join for Samar and Dimpy’s post-wedding rituals. In response, Leela raises her voice, realizing she mistakenly contacted Malti devi’s successor instead of Samar’s mother. She urges Anupama to visit them before leaving for America and guide Dimpy according to their family’s customs, just like she did with Kinjal. Leela expresses her concern that Dimpy might bring trouble into their household; she fails to understand what qualities Samar and Anupama saw in Dimpy. Leela recalls how Anupama adapted well after marriage, but fears Dimpy will ruin their family dynamics.

In order to fulfill her dreams, Anupama says she must arrive at the gurukul tomorrow at 10 a.m. She says nobody is perfect and they need time to adjust, even Dimpy will adjust after Leela does. Leela says tomorrow’s pooja will still happen. She is fearful, but feels confident when Anupama is around. Dimpy hears their conversation.

Anupama contacts Anuj to let him know that she won’t be able to join him tomorrow. She mentions that, like him, she is also faced with a difficult decision and will prioritize responsibility over love, just as he did. He reassures her that they can catch up another time. Anupama feels disappointed. Meanwhile, Samar anxiously prepares his room for Dimpy’s arrival by sprinkling rose petals, intending to surprise her upon her entrance. As he hears approaching footsteps, he quickly turns on the fan. Instead of Dimpy, Leela enters and scolds Samar for being too romantic. Reacting to the commotion, Kinjal and Toshu enter with Dimpy and attempt to remove Leela from the room. However, Leela insists that everyone else leave so she can speak with Dimpy alone. An irritated Samar leaves with them in tow.

In response, Leela gives Dimpy a necklace, taunting her. Dimpy taunts her back. Leela says she has three necklaces for her, similar to those she kept for Kinjal. Dimpy says she should give them to her before she dies. Despite the fact that everyone will die at some point, Leela wants to go late because no one will keep her family together. She asks Dimpy to sleep separately from Samar tonight.

Upon Samar’s return, he is met with frustration upon learning of the sleeping arrangements. Leela requests that Samar sleep in his room while Dimpy joins her for the night. Dimpy, clearly agitated, exits her room to fix her finger rings and is assisted by Kinjal. In a fit of anger, Dimpy confronts Leela for separating her and Samar on their wedding night. Kinjal advises her to remain calm as it is just Leela’s traditional beliefs. However, Dimpy demands an explanation from Leela or else she will struggle to stay in the house. She continues to yell, expressing her dissatisfaction with being given the smallest room and being forced to sleep separately from her husband who despises her.

As Kanta tells Anupama she should not destroy her happiness for greedy Shahs, Maaya feels upset recalling Anuj’s stern reply to her. Gurumaa looks nervous as well. Anuj remembers that Anupama denied him tomorrow’s meeting. The next morning, Anupama performs pooja and prays to God to keep Anuj happy, give him peace of mind, and to keep Leela, Hasmukh, and her children happy.


Anupama reaches gurukul. Reports ask how he feels after becoming a successor. Anupama touches gurumaa’s feet and says she felt the same when she became a mother. She dances on Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya..


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