Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th August 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Sahiba supported Simran despite the opposition from his family. Inder thanks the Sahiba for his support. As Inder hurt Manveer and Angad the most, Sahiba said he should try to rebuild his family and not hurt them again in the future because they need him the most. He agrees and says he used to call his father by name out of frustration and got hurt when Angad called him by name. Angad hears their conversation.

As Sahiba prepares for an important college event tomorrow, Simran attempts to remove chewing gum from her hair at night. Sahiba asks her to do so in some way. As Angad walks into the room, he notices Simran’s thank you message for the world’s best brother. He picks up his pillow and sits on a couch. When he hears their murmur, he asks them to stop. In order to prepare for an important event in her college tomorrow, Simran is trying to remove chewing gum stuck in Sahiba didi’s hair.

Sahiba and Simran discuss their plans for the night, with Sahiba suggesting they sleep in the store room. Simran had hoped that Angad would have a change of heart after reading her thank you card, but Sahiba offers to use the teddy bear he gifted her as a cuddle buddy instead. Admiring the cute gift, Sahiba suggests they check with Angad before using it. However, before they can do so, Angad interrupts them to remove chewing gum from Sahiba’s hair. As the title track plays in the background, Angad recalls Sahiba mentioning an important event at her college that requires a guest to accompany her. He agrees to go with her and she hands him an invitation card the next morning, hoping he will join her. Sahiba then leaves for college.

Manveer asks Inder what he is doing when he removes his alcohol bottles from his room. Manveer asks him how he got a sudden enlightenment in life. Inder says Sahiba made him realize his mistakes. Simran walks up to Inder and asks him what breakfast he had. Inder says not yet and he isn’t hungry.

When Simran asks Manveer if she has eaten breakfast, Inder tells her that Angad Singh Brar will have it later and sends her with Seerat. When Sahiba reaches college, friends ask if her husband, the great Angad Singh Brar, will attend the event. Sahiba hopes so. The event starts. Angad gets ready to attend a meeting. Simran notices the card. Seerat takes it and notices the name of Angad.

The student asks Angad if he will attend Sahiba’s college event. Angad declines to attend because of recent family issues. Seerat grins. The competition begins. Students are asked to draw their partner’s portrait and the marks will count for their final assignment. Seerat walks in and taunts Sahiba that one they trust the most has betrayed them. He asks Sahiba if her husband did not come and if all his love vanished after marriage.


When Simran goes missing, Sahiba gets worried and wonders if one of the family members has sent her away.


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