Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Sahiba pleads with Akaal to trust her, assuring him that she didn’t file any complaint against him and promises to expose the person who did. Akaal asks Angad to take Sahiba away from his sight, and Angad forcefully drags her out of the police station to avoid further trouble with his Daarji. Meanwhile, NGO members protest against Akaal, and the media asks Sahiba if Akaal really harassed her mentally and physically.

Angad’s lawyer advises him not to speak to the media, as they may twist his words. The NGO members accuse Angad of forcefully holding Sahiba’s hand. Sahiba and Angad leave in their car, but the mob throws a stone at them. Sahiba manages to protect herself, and they reach home. A constable assures Sahiba of security at the main gate and advises her to call the police if the Brar family troubles her again.

Manveer questions Angad about Akaal’s situation, and Sahiba reiterates her innocence. However, news of Sahiba’s video confession is aired on multiple channels, causing Angad to lose his temper. Inder demands Sahiba to sign the divorce papers and leave their house. Sahiba is taken aback and asks Angad if he agrees with his family’s decision. Angad admits they were never compatible and now he also wants a divorce due to her recent actions.

In the washroom, Sahiba panics while recalling the video and breaks the mirror in anger. Angad enters and warns her against accusing him of physical abuse. He insists that she stops this behavior. Seerat arrives and comforts Angad while pointing out Sahiba’s continued troubles. Sahiba is left speechless.

Later, Keerat calls Sahiba and asks about the video. Sahiba claims it’s an imposter trying to defame her. She notices a snake-shaped ring on the imposter’s finger in the video and informs Keerat. When Sahiba suspects someone spying on her, the episode ends.

In the precap, Sahiba seeks her lawyer’s knowledge of the judge who will hear her case. Seerat instigates Angad against Sahiba, and the lawyer informs Sahiba that he knows the judge and asks about her intentions.


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