Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Akshara in tears, expressing her concern for Abhinav’s well-being. Abhimanyu assures her that he will be there to support them both, and reminds her of her strength. Aarohi consoles Akshara and offers her some water, assuring her that they will not let anything bad happen to Abhinav. Anand questions how the incident occurred between Akshara and Abhinav. Abhimanyu explains that they were celebrating his birthday at the cliff when he suddenly slipped, and despite his efforts to save him, he fell. The doctor announces the need for blood, prompting Akshara to ask if he can make Abhinav better again. She catches a glimpse of him being taken into surgery.

According to the doctor, who is regarded as a savior, the patient’s condition is critical and it would be best not to give false hope. The doctor assures that their team is doing everything possible, but they must be prepared for all possibilities. Aarohi comforts the distressed woman while Manjiri informs that Abhinav’s birthday party will now be held at home instead of the resort. Shefali confirms that the situation has nothing to do with Abhimanyu. Just then, Anand and Parth arrive at home and reveal that although Abhimanyu is fine, unfortunately, Abhinav has been hospitalized due to an unforeseen medical emergency. Manjiri and Shefali are taken aback by this news.

Manish mentions Abhinav, and Suwarna asks about the situation. He becomes upset, exclaiming that he must save Abhinav. Suwarna urges him to calm down because Kairav and Abhimanyu are also present. Manish insists that something is not right with Abhimanyu and blames him for causing the incident. Surekha watches on in shock while Suwarna is taken aback. Meanwhile, Manjiri weeps and wonders how this could have happened and what they should tell Abhir. At that moment, Abhir and Ruhi arrive, asking about their parents’ whereabouts and when the party will start. Manjiri reassures them that their parents will never leave them again, but Abhir wants to know where everyone else is. Manjiri informs him that they will be there soon, including their parents. The nurse enters with her husband’s belongings as Akshara cries.

Abhir’s call, how should I tell him? Abhimanyu says you need to tell him something else, otherwise he will worry even more. She answers the call and smiles. He asks where you are. He asks, “Are you telling the truth?” She says, “I came to get a water bottle from the restaurant, my car is getting fixed, Abhinav will have reached the airport, he must go to Kasauli, Neela has some urgent bank work, so I’m going there for 3-4 days.”.

When she ends the call, Abhimanyu reaches over and holds her. Abhir says something is wrong, mumma promised me, but I feel she was lying. Ruhi assures me she will come home, don’t go anywhere. Muskaan says to take me along. Kairav says no, look at your state, Akshara will get more scared, I’ll update you. Abhinav will not suffer any harm, trust me. Abhinav is capable of climbing any mountain, how did he slip, Abhimanyu was with him, he had an alcohol bottle, did this happen as a result?

Surekha beckons, “Come with me.” Suwarna expresses concern, “You need rest, Abhimanyu can’t handle this.” Manish assures her, “You don’t know Abhimanyu.” The doctor intervenes, “We require additional assistance on this case.” Abhimanyu is taken aback, “Is it pertaining to me?” The doctor replies gravely, “His heart is not functioning properly and there is a possibility of heart failure. Please join us.” Abhimanyu nods determinedly, “I have to go in.” Akshara pleads tearfully, folding her hands, “Please don’t worry. I know you will do your best.” The nurse urges him urgently, “Hurry up!” Akshara holds his hand tightly and beseeches him, “You are a renowned surgeon. Your dedication towards every patient is commendable. I trust you completely. Abhinav’s life now rests in your hands. You hold the power to write the future of my life. Please give your all.” He promises resolutely, “I will go above and beyond my abilities.” And with that, he proceeds into the operating room.

Kairav arrives and is warmly greeted by Akshara, who is visibly emotional. He inquires about Abhinav’s well-being and she sadly reveals that he is not doing well. Kairav reassures her by saying that Abhimanyu will take care of him and encourages her not to cry. She then shares that Abhir has been constantly messaging Abhinav and suspects he may be in Kasauli based on the video sent by Abhir. The emotional scene continues as Abhir wishes Abhinav a happy birthday and presents him with a scrapbook. This brings Akshara and Kairav to tears, with Akshara especially moved to call Abhir her best son. Just then, in walks Abhimanyu, whom Akshara greets with folded hands while Kairav nods in acknowledgement. However, their attention quickly turns as Muskaan barges in and violently attacks Abhimanyu, causing shock and disbelief for Akshara and Kairav.


They both say I love you to Abhinav. He dies. She shouts doctor. Abhimanyu is in jail. He thinks of Abhinav.

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