Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd October 2023 Written Update


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Akaal informs Angad and Sahiba that any issue can be resolved through discussion, so they should remain calm and work things out together. Once they have settled their differences, all four of them can leave here and put everything behind them. He then leaves with Japjot. Sahiba questions Angad if he wants to avoid the media’s criticism. Angad clarifies that he is not concerned about the media, but about her well-being after yesterday’s incident. He invites her to sit down and have a peaceful conversation, but Sahiba declines.

She sits as Angad says he is worried about her safety and says he will break all of the chairs here if she doesn’t. When Rumi watches Sahiba on his phone screen, she wonders what is Angad teaching her against him since she moved to hostel. Sahiba asks if he means someone is stalking her.

In order to keep Sahiba safe, Angad tells her the stalker is a psycho and not normal. Sahiba says she is a helpless victim, Angad is a savior, and she can only find safety in Brar Mansion. Rumi thinks Angad is Sahiba’s Mirza. Sahiba refuses to accept Angad’s request and says the pain he has caused her is nothing compared to the pain the stalker has caused her. Angad asks if she is comparing her husband with a stalker. Sahiba says he has been married to her, but he loves another woman.

According to Angad, there is a solution for everything except misunderstandings. He is unsure of Sahiba’s thoughts, but he sees her as his wife and has the responsibility to shield her from the stalker. On the other hand, Sahiba cannot confirm or deny the validity of Angad’s theory, but she is capable of taking care of herself and has no intention of returning to Brar mansion. Angad is taken aback by this revelation and expresses disbelief that this is the same woman he loves. Sahiba admits feeling disappointed that she will let down Bebe and Daarji. Upon hearing Sahiba’s decision, Rumi commends her choice.

Upon the return of Akaal and Japjot, Sahiba offers her apologies for not following their instructions. She adds that she cannot go back to Brar mansion, as the injury inflicted on her heart may never fully heal. Japjot reminds Sahiba that even she faced difficulties in becoming a part of the Brar family and working through them with Akaal. Using Gurleen and Harjot’s marital issues as an example, Japjot encourages Sahiba to overcome her own troubles and return home. However, Sahiba remains adamant in her decision. Disheartened, Akaal and Japjot depart from the scene. Angad expresses his disappointment towards Sahiba’s actions, pointing out that she has also broken the hearts of their elders, Darji and Bebe. Meanwhile, Rumi takes this opportunity to draw closer to Sahiba by sketching their portraits in his book without any hindrance.

In the morning, Angad engages in exercise while Sahiba playfully splashes water on him. He retaliates by chasing after her and splashing water back. However, Sahiba realizes that this was all just a figment of her imagination, as she is now in her hostel room. She then notices a message from Angad, but instead of feeling remorseful, she becomes angry at the thought of him apologizing to her. It dawns on her that she had blocked his number, but is surprised to see that it is now unblocked. As she listens to Angad’s message about trying to make amends, she stubbornly refuses to forgive him due to his arrogance. Meanwhile, Angad is occupied with a business meeting when Sahiba repeatedly calls him. Akaal urges him to answer if it’s urgent, but Angad dismisses it as unimportant and continues with his meeting.

Following their shopping, Seerat and Manveer wait for Angad at his office. Manveer asks Seerat why she shopped only for Angad and not for herself. She says that since Angad has always been there for others, it’s now his turn to take care of himself. Sahiba walks in fuming and asks Pam where Angad is. Pam says Angad is in a meeting. Manveer asks why she’s here. Sahiba says she wants to meet Angad and walks forcefully into the board room.

When Sahiba herself digs a grave for her relationship, Seerat thinks why should she stop her from doing so. Sahiba walks to Angad and asks why he sent a message that she is desperate to get him back in his life and he wants to end their relationship, saying their relationship ended because of him and now there is nothing left.


The family is shocked when Manveer informs them that she will get Angad to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Seerat is thrilled. Angad forces Sahiba home and says she will stay here as her life is in danger. The shameless girl can’t stay in this house, Manveer yells. As Angad warns her, she should never speak against Sahiba, his wife.


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