Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode commences with the man revealing that Jasbir has taken the firetorch. RV, as the sponsor, questions why he would do such a thing. He immediately sets off to retrieve it from Jasbir. Poorvi intervenes and pleads with Jasbir to let him go. However, he remains adamant and declares that she will thank him later for keeping her content. Poorvi shoves him away and demands that he stays away from her. Jasbir compares her to the Statue of Liberty, holding the firetorch, and states that if she is a tigress, then he is a tiger. Suddenly, his henchman arrives and inquires about the situation. To which Jasbir responds that it is a private matter between his brother and sister-in-law.

Poorvi attempts to flee, only to be confronted by Jasbir. He claims to be her future husband and questions who inflicted such harm on him. She pushes him away and he laments the severity of her actions. Desperate for assistance, Poorvi pleads for someone to come to her aid. RV is drawn to the commotion and observes Jasbir and Poorvi from a nearby window. The bodyguard informs him that his boss is occupied, but RV is suspicious of his intentions towards Poorvi. Ignoring the bodyguard’s warnings, RV barges through the door, shoving the guard aside in the process. Jasbir reluctantly opens the door.

RV inquires about the location of the fire torch. Jasbir informs him that it is currently with the young lady nearby and requests him to move so he can retrieve it. RV shoves him aside and enters. Upon entering, he asks Poorvi if she could hand over the fire torch. She declines, stating her inability to do so. Understanding her hesitation, RV assures her that he will deal with the troublesome individual within two minutes and promises that she will not be bothered anymore. Surprised, Poorvi asks for confirmation to which RV affirms his statement. An intense exchange ensues as they gaze at each other before RV reaches for the fire torch and experiences a sudden jolt of electricity. He turns to Poorvi and asks if she felt something as well, but she replies in the negative. RV then hands her the fire torch and questions how she did not feel anything despite holding it earlier. Perplexed, Poorvi inquires about what feeling he is referring to. Without clarifying further, RV assures her again that it will only take him two minutes before stepping out of the room once more.

RV’s guards hold Jasbir, who pleads for them to leave him alone. RV then orders Jasbir to go to his dad’s house and do as he pleases, stating that he does not want any trouble on his premises. He demands that the guards remove Jasbir from the area. Refusing to back down, Jasbir warns the guards of potential consequences as Poorvi emerges from inside. Despite his warnings, the guards throw Jasbir to the ground while he continues to assert his power and threaten RV. Meanwhile, RV himself proceeds with the puja, with Manpreet reminding Prachi of their duties at the stall afterwards. Just then, Diya reveals that Jasbir has arrived at the site.

Prachi mentions that you had plans to tell me something. Soon after, Poorvi arrives and decides not to share the news with Prachi in fear of causing her worry. She explains that she had gone to run an errand for Maharaj ji. Ashutosh joins them and reveals that he was given permission to temporarily park his scooter for 10 minutes before moving it elsewhere. He also mentions that they were impressed with him and even offered him tea. The puja begins as Pandit ji plays the shank. RK takes over and starts the aarti. After him, Ashok does the aarti. Other guests such as Manpreet, Prachi, and others also participate in the aarti. Poorvi then takes her turn to do the aarti. RV notices her struggling and offers his help by holding the diya for her. They complete the aarti together once again. Later on, Diya also does the aarti with Yug’s assistance. While this is happening, Prachi senses someone’s presence around her and wonders what could be causing this feeling for her.

The song plays at the airport as Ranbir approaches a woman wearing a red saree. He calls her Prachi, but it is someone else. As the driver arrives, he asks what happened Sir. Ranbir says I came here because the thing happened because I was afraid of it. He thinks to take the contract and leave.

Khushi asks the lady to make the kids ready in good clothes and tells her to buy a better outfit for them, and she takes money from her tomorrow to do so. As soon as the boy arrives, Khushi says he looks lovely. She turns to see who is watching her, but there is no one. A lady calls and gives her earrings. She wears them and leaves.

In the pandal, Jasbir approaches with Sword, but the guards stop him. Jasbir says he won’t leave RV. The guard informs Jasbir that everyone is praising RV, including the kids.


Laughing, Jasbir cuts the Ravan’s legs so that when it burns, it will fall onto the Pandal and everything will burn.


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