Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th November 2023 Written Episode: Armaan Searches for Ruhi, Dadi Reveals Painful Truth

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The Episode begins with Armaan approaching Rohit for the note and to contact Ruhi. However, he finds Rohit sleeping and doesn’t retrieve the note. Assuming that Rohit misplaced it, he searches for Ruhi on social media, where her name is Ruhi Goenka. Despite not receiving a call from Armaan, Ruhi remains confident that he will find her through social media, as suggested by her friend. She trusts him despite not knowing a Ruhi Birla. Her friend reassures her that Armaan will eventually locate her.

Meanwhile, Armaan continues his search for Ruhi’s profile but realizes it isn’t there. Disappointed, he apologizes to Ruhi and expresses his desire to speak with her but hesitates to disturb Rohit’s slumber. As much as he wants to talk to her, he asks for one more night before they can finally converse. Time runs out for now.

As the morning dawns, Rohit playfully teases upon seeing the abundance of sweets and gifts. He jokes, “What mischief are you two up to?” Dadi and Vidya dismiss his suspicions, instruct him to visit the Goenkas, and convey their best wishes. Rohit grumbles, suggesting that such chores would better suit his brother Armaan. However, Dadi reminds him of his responsibilities and urges him to leave immediately. With a final nod from Dadi, Rohit sets off on his errand. Vidya breathes a sigh of relief, stating they have completed their task. Dadi expresses her confidence that her blessings will bring good fortune and instructs them to prepare the house for Diwali festivities, believing it will bring joy and prosperity into their home. Vidya agrees with a smile.

She asks him how dare you come here? I’m not scared of you, but Yuvraj gets drunk and approaches Abhira. He says I don’t know, but you should get scared. She asks him to leave, or she will kill him. He says you have already stolen my heart. He catches her. She says he will leave her. He says I did a lot for you, you insulted me and slapped me, you complained to my dad so that you will see my anger now. Akshara says, leaving her hand. He asks her to get away. She slaps him. Abhira holds Akshara tight.

Yuvraj gets angry and says Sasuma, do Abhira’s vidaai, I’ll take her today. Akshara says you will take her over my dead body. He says whatever you wish. He points the gun at them. He shoots… Abhira wakes up from the dream. She sees Akshara instructing the workers. She hugs Akshara. Akshara says you have seen a bad dream; don’t sleep at odd times. Dadi and Vidya discuss it. Armaan and Kiara arrive. He says I will talk to them.

Kiara says it’s unfair that Armaan talks to Dadi. Armaan helps Vidya. Dadi asks Armaan to refrain from doing household work. He says fine, I won’t help you. He asks your permission. She says you want to take the builder’s case. He says no. In Kiara’s case, dancing is her passion, and she wants to become a dance instructor. He says it’s an art, but she can’t dance outside. She says yes, but our house girls must dance more outside.

Then Sanjay arrives with Madhav. He gets sweets and says, “We won the case,” so have them. She says congrats. He gives sweets to Armaan and Vidya. Vidya sees Madhav upset. Everyone congratulates Sanjay. Madhav, Sanjay says, “I regret your department lost, but I’m glad your family won. A job isn’t as important as a family. Get happy with us and have sweets; otherwise, everyone will think your duty is more important than your family. Eat the sweets, and prove that family is more important than duty.

I know we won today, but the truth was lost today. We did not support the truth, but money was our big defeat today. Our firm released the culprit, but we did not support the truth. Our firm has won many cases for the poor, but a girl or a poor person isn’t innocent. Dadi shouts Armaan….. Armaan and Dadi argue about the case. Armaan says justice is different from decisions. Kiara says they started fighting at home.

That girl lost everything, Armaan says. Dadi says we shouldn’t have fought this case. He says the case should have been fought from that girl’s side. She says I know such girls who act like they aren’t greedy. They can do anything for money. He asks how can you say that? Armaan is shocked when she says she’s just saying this, but your mom has done the same thing.

According to Dadi, your mother has mistreated my Madhav. Vidya mentions Maasa, and Dadi explains the situation. She believes that your mother, a poor girl, deceived Madhav by marrying him to become a part of this household. Despite Dadi’s efforts to bring her son back, your mother did not let go of Madhav. Ultimately, I arranged Madhav’s marriage with Vidya, hoping she would break ties with him. However, that did not happen. Armaan is upset and admits that his mother passed away after giving birth to him. Dadi acknowledges that she has welcomed her grandson into the family but also admits that she lost one in her life – to your mother. Whenever she looks at you, it reminds her of both her defeat and your mother’s victory. Nevertheless, Dadi has been fortunate enough to have a daughter-in-law like Vidya, who has taken care of the household, and Madhav while treating you as her son. Vidya pleads with Dadi to stop dwelling on this matter, but Dadi expresses how Armaan has brought back painful memories for her today before leaving the room.

Ruhi sees Aarohi’s photo and talks about Yuvraj. Akshara consoles Abhira and tells her Yuvraj’s dad said he would control Yuvraj. Yeh Rishta…plays.


Armaan and Ruhi meet and talk. He confesses his feelings to her and hugs her. Abhira refuses to wear the engagement ring. Yuvraj threatens her.

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