Barsatein 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh’s Dramatic Intervention Threatens Aradhana’s Wedding!


Barsatein 24th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Malini saying Reyansh has gone mad, and he said he won’t let Aradhana marry anyone else. Bhakti says I won’t let her life get ruined. Malini says I’m glad for her but scared. Bhakti says Aradhana will be happy with Jai, we’ll protect her. They prepare Aradhana for her trip. They ask Aradhana to come. Jai arrives with his family. His mother makes fun of the poor area.

It is Bhakti and Harsh’s pleasure to welcome Jai and his mother. They introduce themselves. Malini greets Jai’s mother Nita. Nita says you here… Malini says I have come to meet Aradhana, my daughter’s Sasural. Nita says, oh, like that, I’m sorry, whatever happened between Jai and Kriti. It’s okay, Malini says. Nita says we had no choice but to accept Jai’s choice. Jai says once you see my choice, you can’t refuse. Reyansh arrives at Aradhana.

“Why have you come? Can’t you just leave me alone? I’ve already made up my mind to marry Jai,” she exclaimed. “You’re always on my mind and in every moment,” he replied. She pictured him in her mind. Bhakti offered some snacks, but Nita declined, citing that she could not eat oily food. “I’m sorry,” Jai apologized, “I forgot that Nita was born in Pind.” “It’s true,” Nita agreed, “he even forgot about me before the shagun ceremony. Anyway, let’s call your daughter and meet our future daughter-in-law who has captured Jai’s heart.” Aradhana asked Reyansh to leave, but Jagruti assured her to relax. Malini approached Jai and commented, “You seem very happy today. Now I understand why there was no genuine connection between you and Kiki.”

We will apply tilak on mahurat, Nita says. Harsh says we are punctual too, shagun has already arrived. Nita asks who is our shagun? Aradhana is very happy with this necklace. Nita says this isn’t our shagun, we have the shagun with us. She asks if there is an alliance with someone else as well. Reyansh asks the men to get the stuff fast. Nita says Aradhana would know how this came about; it is common for pretty girls to receive many gifts. Jai says she liked diamonds.

Aradhana says its good, you are gifting her stuff without consulting me, Nita says you got two necklaces now. Reyansh says I’m in your heart. The men deliver the gifts. Harsh says we didn’t order this. Nita says you get many gifts. The man brings a huge board. Aradhana says I’ll just show up. Aradhana goes. Jai thinks Reyansh is doing this drama, so if mom knows, she’ll taunt Aradhana. Aradhana goes. Jai believes Reyansh’s doing this drama. Aradhana goes. If mom knows that, she’ll taunt Aradhana.

Malini says Nita, let’s catch up. Aradhana goes to Reyansh. She burns the frame. She asks the watchman to make Reyansh leave. Reyansh says time can change. He blows off the fire with his hands. He says that we cannot get over our relationship by burning this frame. Nita says Akash said Jai’s choice is unique, I have seen it, be careful, that’s our shagun, not this one. She leaves. Jai says sorry Aradhana, I’ll handle it for you.


As Aradhana and Malini give Kadambari the invite card, Reyansh says, “I won’t let this happen.” He dances with Aradhana in her sangeet while Jai watches.

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