Barsatein 17th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Reyansh’s Revelation and Bhakti’s Dilemma


Barsatein 17th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Aradhana slapping Reyansh and firmly stating that she has sent her resignation via email, as she can no longer tolerate him in her life. She then exits the room. The other ladies poke fun at the situation. Reyansh then turns to them and sarcastically suggests they handle their daughter’s behaviour. He also makes a snide comment to the secretary and boasts about his knowledge as a journalist. The people present leave while Reyansh pours himself a drink. Harsh expresses his frustration with Reyansh’s behaviour, but Bhakti advises him to stay calm and focus on his upcoming seminar, mentioning how Reyansh seems to bring them bad luck.

It is due to my actions that Reyansh is doing this, Aradhana says, I apologize, don’t cancel the seminar. Bhakti asks Harsh to go. Harsh says fine. He apologizes to Jai. When Reyansh returns home, he sees Kadambari bonding with Vivek. He imagines Aradhana and Jai together. Vivek tells Reyansh that we have decided to give our marriage another chance. Kadambari says we understand, but marriage is such a strong bond.

Jai urges Aradhana to refrain from constantly providing explanations. He reminds her that she is the one who earns money, while he is a failure who cannot freeload off of her and remain at home. He storms off in anger, leaving Aradhana concerned. Kadambari advises Aradhana to let go of the matter and move on. Reyansh interrupts, dismissing her advice and telling her to keep her opinions to herself. Vivek intervenes, asking Reyansh why he is in a bad mood. Reyansh replies that he spoke the truth, which caused everyone to become angry. He admits to telling Harsh that he is responsible for everything, including Jai’s affair with Bani, which resulted in Aradhana slapping him instead.

In Aradhana’s opinion, Kadambari is different from me. Vivek and Kadambari praise Aradhana. Reyansh leaves. Bhakti goes to the storeroom to look for something. She says there are so many medicines, why, and who has kept them. As she checks the bottle, she sees the name Jai Khurana. She asks, “Did Jai do this to earn money?” Akash and Varun watch. Bhakti goes outside to check. Reyansh thinks Dad is right; I have hurt Aradhana by arguing with him.

Aradhana says Reyansh should have not taunted Jai, I hope Jai is okay. Bhakti asks if he will choose the wrong way. Aradhana says no, he is a good man. Bhakti says sorry, he lied to you. Aradhana says don’t worry, don’t get against him. Bhakti says he is a nice guy; I shouldn’t doubt him. Despite your stress, Aradhana says Nita talks on the phone about the medicines. Akash warns her to be careful. Nita says I will handle Bhakti. Bhakti walks on the road. She says I can’t tell Aradhana.

As a vehicle races toward Bhakti, Reyansh quickly blocks its path. In the process, Bhakti falls to the ground. Without hesitation, Reyansh chases after the car as it speeds away. Soon, a crowd gathers at the scene. Reyansh recognizes Bhakti as his aunt and instructs everyone else to leave. However, Bhakti reveals her concern that Jai may be making poor choices. Reyansh mentions that someone attempted to harm her but is unsure of their motive. Despite this incident, Bhakti insists she is unharmed and urges him to go on without her. Before he departs, Reyansh discovers a bottle of banned medicine in her bag and questions its origins. She dismisses his suspicions with a cryptic comment about it being ripe material for a tale. Feeling misunderstood yet determined to make things right, Reyansh implores her to accompany him, apologizing for any distress caused and emphasizing her importance to Aradhana – someone he loves deeply.

Bhakti noticed the love in your eyes for Aradhana. However, she is now married, and despite your efforts, the marriage bond will not break. Aradhana never goes back on her promises, so it is unlikely that you will ever have her. You seem to understand this, but your heart doesn’t agree. I attempted to separate you because I wanted her to be happy. Her happiness is also my top priority. So, please let her move on and live her life without interference. Please don’t mention this to her as she is already worried about something. Can you tell me that you won’t reveal anything to her?

Bhakti confides in Reyansh, sharing all her worries and thoughts. He believes that Jai’s actions are fueled by his desire for money. Bhakti expresses concern, assuming Jai’s family may be involved in his questionable money-making methods. Reyansh acknowledges that Jai has a drinking problem but reassures Bhakti that he will keep her concerns confidential. However, he also cautions her about the potential danger if Jai is involved in something illegal. He promises to find out the truth and asks for Bhakti’s support by giving him the medicine. Nita reminds them that Bhakti could also reveal her name, but Reyansh arrives home and jokes about Varun’s previous insult towards him. He then brings Bhakti back with him.

Aradhana asks Bhakti what happened. Bhakti says I’m fine. Aradhana asks if Reyansh has caused this. Bhakti replies no, he saved me. He asks her to relax. When people do not have work, they sit at home. He asks where Jai is, and Aradhana says don’t do another drama. He says, “I have some news for you.” Nita gets tense. I’m your boss. Talk to me with respect. He says my story is important. Nita worries and wonders if he knows anything about her.


There are many big names involved in this. Aradhana says we will raid the place. They go to a godown to look for illegal medicines. Bhakti is struck by a car.

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