Barsatein 2nd February 2024 Written Episode Update: Aradhana’s Proposal Shocks Reyansh


Barsatein 2nd February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Nita asks Bhakti to leave her hand, she sees an injection there. She takes it. Bianca injects Bhakti. Bhakti sleeps. Nita feels relieved. Bianca says I saved your life. Nita slaps her and asks how did she get conscious, you were supposed to give her injection every 3 hours, you would lose your job. She leaves. Bianca gets angry and says Varun, I don’t have time to entertain you.

In the meantime, Adhana checks the medicine. She asks what this injection is; it’s not Bhakti’s medicine. Reyansh discusses the drug scam with his team. He tells them to stay cautious and watch out for one person. He shows a picture of Jai Khurana. He claims the media tycoon did this. He scolds a man for disrespecting women. You should be kicked out by your wife, he says.

Jai left his wealth and wife, so he could go to any lengths to prove his wealth to her, his ego was important to him, the girl said. Nevertheless, Reyansh says he can go to any lengths to show his wealth to her. Aradhana asks Bianca to answer her. Nita slaps Bianca and acts. Bianca says that you…. Nita says I am wrong for hiring you. Aradhana says I will call the police. Bianca says Reyansh gave me money and asked me to do all this for him.

Nita and Aradhana joke about Aradhana’s ex, causing her to leave. Nita praises Bianca for intervening, while Varun claims credit for stepping in. He recalls Bianca mentioning Reyansh’s name. Nita remarks that the love story between Reyansh and Aradhana has come to an end. Reyansh then shows Bani’s picture, a lawyer who supports Jai, and predicts that she will soon become single. He instructs his team to gather information on the matter. As Aradhana arrives at the office, she wonders how Reyansh managed to pull this off. Just then, Reyansh receives a call where he mentions bribing someone for medicine and warns them not to disclose it. As Aradhana enters the room, the lights suddenly go off.

She says I know the truth now. He says I have always loved you, you have always misunderstood me, all my hopes have died, you cried for the man who cheated you, you made me cry who cried for you, so what is the new blame.

Getting down on her knees, she asks, “Will you marry me?” He asks what, “Are you okay?” She says that she is right. She proposes to him. Aransh asks what happened to you suddenly. She says I wasn’t sure that day, it’s just about us, Aransh. He says, I can’t believe this, you’re saying this, Aradhana, I’m committing myself to you. The lights go on. Kya kiya hai tune plays. They hug.


Jagruti threatens Reyansh. Aradhana says I must win Reyansh’s trust and stay with him.

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