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Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The sight of Shiv there makes Shakti smile. He wipes the Sindoor off her face, and she laughs. Mere soniya plays as both of them smile at each other. Mandira is angry and says I plotted so much to get Shakti married to Ranjan, but they are still together. She fumes with rage. Ragunath tells him to observe. He says God has united them despite all odds.

Shiv stands before Shakti as Ranjan shouts at her to stay there. He asks the priest to continue the wedding. Suddenly, the priest grabs Shakti and asks the priest to continue the ceremony. He says, “Will you marry again?” Ranjan says, “I will marry Shakti. What can you do?” I will marry again, and there is no stopping me. Shiv asks, “Can you repeat what you said before your first wife?” Ranjan and others are shocked.

The first wife of Shiv, Payal, comes there and is shocked to see him there. Rimjhim comes with them and their son. Mandira murmurs, “What is this new drama about?” Payal says Ranjan is his husband. Mandira wondered how he found her, and I didn’t know about her either. This Ranjan is a fool. Ranjan’s mother says she is lying; he has never married. Shiv says you are blind, Ranjan is married and has a son. His son rushes to him and calls him Papa.

A tear falls down Rimjhim’s face as he hugs Chacha. Shiv asks Ranjan to speak up. Shakti says I sat in the mandir as Rimjhim to prevent anyone from doubting him. He says yes.. she is my wife and he is my son so what.. I will still marry Shakti. She cries and says please don’t do this, let’s go home and end this. Ranjan slaps her and says stay within your limits. Shiv says don’t raise a hand on a woman.

He points a gun at him and says he will kill your family if you try anything. His goons grab him. Raghunath says they don’t hurt Shiv. Payal cries out, telling Ranjan to at least think about their son. I beg you not to leave me. Shakti says you are begging this cheap man to leave him. She cries and says he is my husband. She thinks you would be better off without him, knowing the truth about this cheap man and still begging him.

He takes her hand and says, “Shut up, it’s your turn now.” She says, “You think you can force me to marry me?” Ranjan says, “I will kill everyone.” Shiv says, “You can kill me if you want to.” He beats him hard. Shakti cries out for him. His goons beat him up badly. Ragunath screams to leave my son. He can’t do anything. They beat Shiv up badly, and he falls. Shakti screams for him.

Shiv wakes up and whispers to Payal to trust him, and he grabs Ranjan’s son and chokes him. He says he is gone, and he must be dead. Now let’s get married. He takes the sindoor bottle and is about to apply to Shakti, but Shiv wakes up and tells Payal to trust him. All are shocked. Shiv says if you try to marry Shakti I’ll kill your son, you want to see my madness? Raghunath says they don’t hurt the kid. Shiv says if Ranjan doesn’t listen to me, I’ll kill his son. Shiv hints at Payal that he is okay.

Despite Shiv whispering to his son to cry for help, Ranjan tells him to leave. Shaki says don’t hurt the kid. Ranjan says you can’t do this, and you are a doctor. Shiv says that’s why I can kill him in a second. Mandira thinks I want to do that. Shiv gets triggered and might do something terrible, so Dadi tells Ragunath to stop him.


Manorama tells Ranjan he will go directly to jail from here, and I will be the only one who can bring him out, so no one will know I was behind this. Shakti slaps Ranjan for disrespecting her.

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