Shiv Shakti (Zee) 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Dangerous Plan Unfolds

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Mandira makes a call, stating she needs something that can cause harm. Shiv arrives and inquires about her target. Mandira reveals it’s Koyal and requests immediate arrangements for lights to be used on social media. With a smirk, she ends the call, confident that tomorrow’s mehndi will bring darkness to Shiv’s life. Manorama questions Shakti about why she is sticking close to Shiv despite everything. She deems it shameless behavior. Shakti disagrees, stating they’re just friends. Manorama insists their friendship is unusual.

Shakti agrees with you; he is not your usual person. Who else in this world goes to such lengths for someone else? He has rescued me on numerous occasions, including from Ranjan. He always makes sure I am safe. Manorama urges her to put a stop to it. It would help if you cut ties with Shiv. I do not want him present at the mehndi ceremony tomorrow, and since he only listens to you, please inform him that he is not welcome here. Promise me that you will also clarify to Shiv that he will not enter this house again and that you will no longer speak to or see him. Shakti is taken aback and remembers how she became friends with Shiv. Manorama instructs her to sever this friendship entirely.

Shiv shares with Nandu that Shakti has accepted my friendship and fully trusts me, but I have doubts. She believes I know Ranjan from before, as he often avoids me. Nandu suggests that you don’t know him. Shiv admits, unfortunately, I’ve been forgetting things lately, even essential matters at the hospital. My mind is growing weaker. Nandu expresses concern and advises that you should see a doctor. Mandira patiently awaits an opportunity to break Shiv and Shakti’s friendship. She confidently claims that tomorrow will mark the end of Shiv’s reign.

I am sorry, but I cannot promise you because I cannot leave the person who has always protected my honor. Manorama asks Shakti to promise her, but she says no. Then she asks why she isn’t understanding. What if Ranjan gets angry seeing him tomorrow? If Ranjan breaks off this marriage, everything will be ruined. Shakti says to let him do it. Ranjan isn’t a good match for any girl. My daughter’s life is essential to me, so I have already chosen him as my son-in-law. Manorama says I already chose him as my son-in-law and want the best for her.

Shakti urges Manorama to remain calm and listen to her. As you know, Rimjhim is my sister, too. Would I ever intentionally harm her? Of course not. Can you trust me to protect her from any harm? Manorama agrees. Therefore, I ask for the opportunity to reveal Ranjan’s true intentions. I have no desire to ruin Rimjhim’s life but rather save it. If your suspicions are correct, then you can rightfully claim victory. However, if my concerns prove valid, Rimjhim’s safety is jeopardized. Shiv has agreed to assist me in this matter, and time is of the essence, as there are only two days left before the wedding. Given the situation’s urgency and impact on our loved ones, please consider my request carefully.

Shiv urges Nandu to expose Ranjan as time is running out. However, Nandu suggests that Shiv prioritize his health and seek medical attention. Shiv insists on helping Shakti first, as she trusts him. Nandu then proposes talking to Mandira about Shiv’s condition, but Shiv refuses, fearing it will jeopardize their plan. He pleads with Nandu to keep his condition a secret and promises to protect Shakti by stopping the marriage. After Nandu promises to stay quiet, Shiv thanks him before he leaves. Left alone, Shiv contemplates how to approach exposing Ranjan and turns to social media for answers.

While drinking, Ranjan recalls Shiv protecting Shakti and is angry. He tells his brother that Shiv keeps protecting her. Shiv has just attempted to remember you, but he knows now that you are not a good fit for Rimjhim, so he may start looking into your past. There is one way. Ranjan opens his account and deletes his workplace.

Shiv is searching on the internet about Ranjan’s workplaces. Dadi comes there and asks him to sleep. He says sure, and she leaves. Shiv checks his profile, but there is no workplace on it. Shiv says I must prove Ranjan isn’t a good person. Mandira waits for her man. Dadi arrives and asks what is wrong. She says I ordered Shiv’s medicines, and I’m waiting for them. She leaves and tells Dadi to get some sleep.

I was thinking about Shiv and Shakti. Shakti is a lovely girl and would be a good match for Shiv. I hope Shiv realizes soon that he also loves Shakti.

Then Manorama tells Shakti fine… I will stop this marriage if you and Shiv bring proof against Ranjan. For the first time in my life, I pray that you lose. She says she will do her best to prove that Ranjan is not a good man, to prove you wrong.

Raghunath and Dadi greet Padma. She says Shakti was praised at the Haldi ceremony. Let’s ask her for Shiv before she gets another proposal. Dadi says since when did you start caring about Shiv and Shakti? You started their scandal. I made a mistake, Padma says, but I now realize Shiv and Shakti are perfect for you two, so I’m telling you to hurry before Shakti gets married to someone else.

The house will be fine once Shakti is here; otherwise, nothing will change. When she leaves, she thinks I pray that Shakti comes here to be Mandira’s enemy. Koyal glares at her. The man brings Mandira a package that says it is hazardous. Mandira says I ordered it for that reason.


No matter how hard Shiv tries, we will discover the truth about Ranjan. Ranjan asks Mandira about the box. She says it is destroying her life and Shiv’s.

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