Barsatein 12th December 2023 Written Episode: Jai’s Shocking Revelation and Aradhana’s Decision


Barsatein 12th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode opens with Varun informing everyone that Jai has been shot. Nita is in disbelief upon hearing the news, while the rest of the group shares her concern. Everyone is overwhelmed with emotions, especially Nita who breaks down in tears. Reyansh and Aradhana also cry, unable to process what has happened. Soon after, Kriti arrives and seeks comfort from Malini. Malini questions her about Jai’s whereabouts, and Kriti confesses that she was the one who shot him in a fit of anger. Shocked by this revelation, Malini slaps Kriti and demands an explanation for her actions. Kriti apologizes for her mistake and explains that she is jealous of Jai’s love for Aradhana. Feeling helpless as a mother, Malini expresses her frustration at being unable to protect either of her daughters. Kriti pleads for forgiveness, admitting that she made a terrible mistake by taking matters into her own hands instead of seeking help from Malini.

Nita asks Reyansh what she did. Akash asks Varun to get the car. Aradhana says she’ll come along. Akash says no, it’s your fault. She says nothing will happen to Jai. Nita scolds her.

She becomes angry and declares that they will all end up in jail. Reyansh takes responsibility for the situation, insisting that it is not Aradhana’s fault. Nita comments that Aradhana is the most unlucky girl in the world, claiming that Jai’s life was ruined after she entered it. She questions Reyansh on how he let this happen. However, Reyansh defends himself, stating that he didn’t know Kriti was unstable. Malini jumps in, saying Viren cannot offer any help and she must take action. She urges Kriti to confess her crime, but Kriti refuses out of fear of going to jail. Desperate to save her, Malini asks how she can protect Kriti from her actions’ consequences. Kriti finally admits that she acted impulsively out of anger but did not intend to kill Jai. Heartbroken and conflicted, Malini makes the difficult decision to turn Kriti in for her crime. Suddenly, they spot someone nearby…

Aradhana says it’s because of you, Nita. Aradhana says you should go to the hospital, Nita says shut up. Jai says I’m fine. Nita hugs Jai. Everyone cries happily. Varun and everyone hugs Jai. Nita makes Reyansh go. She asks who shot you. Jai says Kriti shot me, but don’t worry, she was so tense that she ran away, so I escaped, I had to come here. In turn, he unites Aradhana and Reyansh.

Bhakti declares that Aradhana cannot find happiness with Reyansh. Jai reflects on the time he was shot and felt like everything was ending, but seeing Aradhana’s face made him realize she might have seen Reyansh’s face if she had been in his place. He believes she loves Reyansh and urges her to listen to her heart and choose her happiness instead of worrying about society’s expectations. He encourages Aradhana to go to Reyansh as he is waiting for her love. Malini requests that Kriti come with her to apologize to everyone. However, Kriti objects, not wanting to be punished for something she sees as a misunderstanding. Malini insists on teaching Kriti the importance of saying no when needed and argues with her.

As Jai leaves, Jai says I can never come between you two, Shaadi Mubarak. Aradhana says there is no one between us. Bhakti says listen to me, Aradhana says I love Reyansh. Bhakti cries. Aradhana says I love him, mumma, I never refused to you, Jai gave me this right to choose. She explains how much Reyansh has done for her.

Then Aradhana says Aradhana loves him, but I’m only yours. Will you marry me? Aradhana and Reyansh exchange garlands. They hug. As Reyansh’s dream ends, Jai proposes a marriage between Aradhana and Reyansh. Reyansh asks Aradhana to make a decision. Bhakti asks her to listen. Aradhana says, “I know who I should marry.” She stops Jai and asks him to hear her decision.


Reyansh cries. Bhakti asks him to leave. Aradhana proposes Jai. She marries Jai.

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