Suhaagan 1st November 2023 Written Episode: Payal’s Deceptive Scheme Unveiled


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It begins with Payal taking Krish to his room while inebriated. She tells him not to be naughty and to wait until they go to his room. She says she loves him and will do anything to get him. She drops her things and takes him to his room as she leaves. She takes off his kurta and throws it on the door. She says to Krish, “I love you, we’ll do as you say” and pushes him onto the bed. Sitting on the bed, she says, “I will be back.” She closes the door.

Baldev informs Dadi of their arrival home while Bindiya brings everyone there. She stops the tractor and rushes inside, prompting Indu to question her sudden actions. Sakshi also wonders how to dismount from the tractor, a thought that Indu shares. Eventually, they both alight from the vehicle. Meanwhile, Bindiya discovers Krish’s jacket, Payal’s necklace, and shrug lying on the floor and is taken aback by this sight. To her surprise, she also spots Payal’s earrings outside the door. Knocking on the door, she calls out for Payal to open up. From inside the room, Payal gets up from bed and covers herself with a silk cloth before expressing her gratitude towards Krish for making their night together so special and giving her exactly what she desired. Then, she opens the door for Bindiya.

A victorious Bindiya watches Krish on the bed, and Payal smirks at her. As Bindiya tries to get inside, Payal asks her not to and to stop bothering her, as things have changed. She asks her to go with Krish. As Bindiya pushes the door, she sees lipstick marks on Krish’s body. She asks Krish to wake up and what you did with Krishna ji. She asks Krish how dare you to play with my suhaag.

As Payal asks her to leave Krish and her life, Bindiya holds her hair and says, “You’re worse than the enemy.” She says she feels ashamed to refer to herself as her sister today. In the house, Baldev and others see Payal and Krish’s clothes. Payal shouts to Krish to see what Bindiya is doing.

Krish tries to get up. Bindiya asks Payal to remain silent. Krish gets up and asks Bindiya what are you doing? Bindiya says you are asking me what I am doing and asks how you can do this with me. She confronts him, asking how he can do this. Krish asks me what I have done. Krish says you have punished your suhaagan and gave me the most significant punishment. Indu asks Baldev and others to stay there and says she will check on him.

Baldev asks Sakshi to go with her. Krish sees lipstick marks on his body and looks at Payal, who is just covered with the cloth. Payal asks Krish to ask Bindiya why she tortured her. Indu comes there and shouts stop it. She says she feels ashamed seeing them, and he tells them the thieves shall not cry. Despite wearing clothes, Krish goes down wearing clothes. Payal looks at Bindiya with a smile.

While washing his face, Krish remembers saving Bindiya from the fire, feeling drowsy while driving, and then driving the car with Payal. Payal told him he would control her and that she would not stop him after going to his room. When Payal pushes him onto the bed and tells him she loves him, he smiles, says Payal and I…and then says, ” God, I don’t believe. He then thinks it’s all about Payal and me, which I’ve wanted for a long time, and we are now one.

Baldev shares that he has seen enough and wonders how Bindiya will handle the situation. He profoundly regrets arranging her marriage to Krish and feels remorseful. Indu is not surprised, as they had been eagerly waiting for their wedding night for a while now. She sternly tells Baldev to remain quiet and not be shameless. Vikram mentions how Krish used to take Payal to their room before. Suddenly, Krish emerges from the bathroom. Upon seeing him, Payal comments on how lovely their previous night was together. However, Krish claims to have no recollection of it. Payal points at the clothes scattered on the floor and the messy bed, arguing that he must remember something. She accuses him of insulting her if he does not recall anything from last night. Meanwhile, Bindiya sits in front of the house’s temple area.


Bindiya shouts no when Payal asks her to see her wedding night video. Krish asks her to leave for Ambe Maa.

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