Mangal Lakshmi 14th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi Confronts Somaiya

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 14th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

There will be too much drama now, Adit says. Somaiya says not to worry. His family arrives. Adit hits. Kusum says what are you doing. He is trying to stand up. Karthik asks what are you doing. He says I was looking to see if I could stand. He says he needs rest. Adit noticed them coming from the window. Somaiya is hiding behind the curtain.

Somaiya sneaks out. The doctor tells her she’s okay. Lakshmi comes to Somaiya. She says we couldn’t finish our conversation. We were talking about how you made it to the highway with Adit. Somaiya asks why you are interrogating like it’s a secret. Lakshmi says that far? His office is nearby. Did you go to Agra or somewhere else? Somaiya thinks you should become a detective.

Lakshmi says I want an answer, not a joke. She told us our boss’s farmhouse was on that road, so he called us there because the office was closed. Adit, however, went alone. Is it your business, and how did you get there? Somaiya says that’s none of your business. We don’t operate a shop like you do. Ask Adit. Stop interrogating me. Lakshmi says, “Get some rest. You’re discharged. It would be best if you went home. Adit has a family here, so take care of yourself. Bye. Somaiya leaves with anger.

Mangal is relieved that Adit is safe, thanks to Somaiya’s timely intervention. Lahsmi inquires about Jeju’s presence, to which Mangal responds with gratitude towards God for sending her as a saviour. Lakshmi admires Mangal’s pure heart and reminds him to care for himself. She attributes Adit’s recovery to his prayers. Suddenly, Shanti calls and asks for an update. Mangal reassures her that Adit is doing much better now, and Karthik and Lakshmi are also present. In the background, Lipika receives a scolding from Shanti for being careless and trying to manipulate Karthik through Lakshmi’s constant presence.

Kusum thanks Gayatri for making Adit’s pooja. Adit is back home. Mangal brings Adit soup. Kusum says Somaiya was driving. Because of her, you met this accident. Lakshmi says you went to Agra for a meeting. Where was the meeting? She wonders whether Adit will answer the same way or not. Somaiya calls Adit. She suggests that I tell him the story I told Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks how you got to Agra? He says we decided to go there after the meeting.

Mangal picks up the phone. Somaiya asks how is Adit? Mangal says Adit’s phone is off. She asks if I can talk to him about whether he’s up. Kusum says no and asks her to call later. Lakshmi says you can also put it on speaker. Adit gets worried. Kusum says to put it on speaker. Adit is worried. Somaiya says I was saying. Adit says Somaiya, you’re on speaker. We were talking about you. How are you now? She says I’m fine, sir.

She says I am happy that you all care about me so much. She says sir, the file we were working on got left at Subhum’s farmhouse. Adit says I’ll send someone from the office to pick it up. Adit says Subham’s farmhouse is on the highway. He called us there for the meeting. Kusum says Adit should rest. Mangal made arrangements for the pooja.

The following day, Lakshmi kindly brings milk for Adit, thanking her for taking good care of the family, especially Mangal. Everyone was apprehensive about Mangal’s well-being with all the stress she was under. Thankfully, she had your support and was able to find some peace. I’m anxious about our new home and regret agreeing to that meeting, but I can’t risk losing my job. I worry about what would happen to Mangal and the children if something happened to me. Lakshmi reassures Adit that we all sincerely appreciate his hard work. In their hearts, they hope she will remain calm and refrain from further questioning.

Shanti plans to sell her mom’s utensils when Lakshmi gets home. She drops the ice cream she brought. Shanti says we can sell them. Lakshmi says I told you I’d get the money. The clients will pay. Shanti says I’ll sell them. These are my mother’s utensils, Lakshmi says. Lipika says Mangal’s happiness is over these. We’ll get her sofa, and we won’t sell them either. I’ll keep them in my closet but never touch them.

Lakshmi goes to the shop. Lipika comes and tries to steal the money. Mangal catches Lipika red-handed.

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