Mangal Lakshmi 1st April 2024 Written Episode Update: Marriage Proposals and Holi Drama

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 1st April 2024 Written Episode Update on

This Lakshmi is getting out of control today. She sang on stage. Mangal says Lakshmi saved Karthik’s name today. Shanti says she’s very clever. She doesn’t leave Karthik alone. Maya tells Mangal she will call her later today. Lakshmi asks who she is. Today, there have been so many good things happening, Mangal says.

Kusum advises Gayatri to keep the girl away from Karthik, as she is quite cunning. She fears that she may scheme and marry him, so it would be wise to find a suitable bride for Karthik before that happens. However, Gayatri expresses her difficulty finding a girl who matches Karthik’s qualities. Kusum then suggests Lakshmi as a potential match, praising her good nature and talent. She believes Lakshmi would be Karthik’s perfect partner. Otherwise, there is a possibility that someone like Jiya will take advantage of him with her cleverness. It would be best for Gayatri to consider her well-being and talk to Mangal about arranging Lakshmi’s marriage soon, as she is already searching for a suitable groom.

It’s my proposal, Lakshmi says. Mangal says the people are all good. Lakshmi says not today. Are you finding me, guys, today? Mangal says she came asking me about you. I didn’t answer anything. But we can meet them. You can decide if you like this proposal or not. Lakshmi says I trust you. I will accept whatever you choose. I was overthinking them. Mangal says she didn’t say anything about Karthik in her heart.

Mangal says I will talk to Amma about it too. Kusum says to Gayatri not to delay the meeting. Mangal arrives. She says she wanted to talk about Lakshmi. Kusum says we also wanted to talk about Lakshmi. Mangal says there is a proposal for Lakshmi. They are shocked. Your friend Maya liked Lakshmi a lot. She asked us to look at a proposal for her son. Should we meet them? They are shocked.

The question is, are they, not good people? Should I say no? What makes you so shocked? Kusum says no, no to them. Gayatri says yes, it’s a good proposal. Kusum is confused. I’ve known Maya for years, and Lakshmi will be happy there. Mangal, thanks for reassuring me. Mangal goes to the kids.

As Gayatri says, you should have asked me why I didn’t bring up Karthik. This was God’s sign that Karthik and Mangal shouldn’t get married.

Adit keeps calling Somaiya, but she doesn’t pick up. Mangal thinks about coloring Adit. She wishes him a happy Holi. She says everyone was so pleased today. He puts on headphones. Mangal says everyone loved Lakshmi’s song. She wrote it herself. She says she’s thrilled with what’s come. Lakshmi received a perfect proposal today. Gayatri also knows them. Adit nods, looking at his laptop. Mangal asks if he’s listening. He takes off his headphones and leaves.

Shanti inquires Lakshmi, who brought the proposal. Lakshmi responds that Mangal got it. Unaware of any details, Lakshmi suggests Shanti say yes. In the meantime, Lipika cautions Lakshmi not to pursue Karthik and instead is planning on trapping him. Frustrated with the situation, Lakshmi urges everyone to stop their actions. However, she gets a call from Mangal and agrees to help unpack tomorrow. Mangal then reminds her that once she is married, she will be closer to his home and they will have to meet the gu (prospective groom). Curious about Adit’s thoughts, Lakshmi asks if Mangal has spoken to him yet as he tends to back out at the last minute. Remembering how Adit had previously disrespected her, Mangal assures her that he will speak with him today and that she does not need to worry.

Kusum says to Adit you got us such a good house. We’re so happy. She tells Adit she wants to go to Vaishnavi Devi. Adit asks if you can go next month. I’m on a tight budget this month. I’d get a bonus as well. Mangal says this month, we also have to pay three months’ fees, which is a large expense. Kusum says I get it. I know it’s not easy. Gayatri calls Kusum. Kusum asks if Karthik is okay.

The first thing Karthik does when he wakes up is to look for his phone. He sees a lot of missed calls from Jiya. Karthik calls her. Gayatri answers. He asks if everything is okay. After what happened at the party, do you think everything is okay? Why do you invite a girl like Jiya? Karthik asks what happened. She’s my friend. I invited everyone. Gayatri says she doesn’t get too authoritative. Karthik asks what she did.

Gayatri added thandai to your bhaang. She made you drink it. Karthik said yes, and she gave me Thandai. That is impossible for her. Gayatri says you trust her more than your mom, right? He says no. She says she won’t say rubbish. I want you away from people who would try to harm you. You will never meet that Jiya again. Karthik says maa, please.. she says come over and have breakfast. She leaves.


The two find a beautiful gold chain in Adit’s bag. Mangal asks who Adit got it for, and Lakshmi says it must be for you.

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