Dabangii 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya’s Shocking Revelation and Ankush’s Struggles

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The Episode begins with Ankush expressing how much he misses Bela and Zai. He invites Zai to join him in purchasing her favorite dress, which makes her happy. Zai then asks Bela for permission to go with Ankush, to which she agrees. As they leave, Ankush spots Arya getting into an auto and calls out to her. Concerned for his daughter’s well-being, he promises to return and take Zai to the mall later. However, Bela reassures him they understand who is more important to him and encourages him to focus on Arya instead of worrying about them. Despite this, Ankush insists on going after Arya as she is alone. Eventually, he catches up to her at the police station, where she speaks with a constable.

Another constable says I’ve seen her. She’s Ankush’s daughter. I want to meet him. She says give me my dad’s address or phone number; I’d like to meet him. A constable tells her to come out of the commissioner’s cabin. The commissioner runs. She says she’s been waiting for you. Ankush checks his car.

Arya talks to the commissioner about her dad. She says Ankush is not her dad. My real dad is on a mission. Ankush comes and asks what you are doing here. He says sorry, Sir. Arya says he is an evil uncle. Ankush scolds her outside. My dad is not you, and I will prove it to you.

“Listen to me,” he says, emphasizing his words. “I will only say this once, but remember it well. I am your father, and your mother knew it too, though she’s no longer with us.” Arya considers talking to Satya but suspects he may be up to some mischief. They hop on their bike and make their way back home. As soon as they arrive, Arya excitedly runs over to Satya. However, Ankush quickly intervenes, instructing her to stay inside the house. But in a moment of inspiration, Arya comes up with an idea. “Please don’t scold me,” she pleads. “Baba has sent me to fetch you.” Without hesitation, Satya follows her as she leads him away. Little does he know that Satya has sinister plans for the city. He smirked deviously before ending the call and turned his attention back to Arya, who had joined him.

She reveals a secret, and he immediately asks for more information. She then pleads for his assistance in exposing Ankush as a liar, stating that he is a well-respected man who helps others. Satya suspects her ulterior motives and agrees to help because she assists him in return. She eagerly agrees and asks how she can be of help. He hesitantly asks if she is capable, and she reassures him she can complete the task with his guidance. He stresses the importance of keeping it confidential and instructs her to leave, promising to discuss details later. Kasturi observes their interaction.

After Satya and Arya shake hands, she leaves. Curious, she inquires about their conversation. Satya praises Arya for her aptitude and attitude, suggesting Tanmay learns from her. When asked again, Ankush explains that Baba had said he had not called him. Defending herself, Arya admits she may have been dreaming but assures her it was not a lie. Satya then reveals their plan to break down Ankush by targeting his job with help from Arya. As Arya plays along, Ankush smiles at her.

When Satya leaks the file details, Ankush will doubt me. If he asks you anything, tell him… The constable says the file will reach his house. Satya ends the call. He says Ankush will lose respect for him. Ankush imagines Zai and becomes emotional. He collides with Arya, who asks if she’s hurt. Arya says she wants to play outside. Ankush says no. She gets angry and goes to her room.

Arya converses with a doll, expressing disbelief in Ankush’s claim to be her father. She firmly believes her dad is a hero, possibly a police officer, and has sought help from Satya to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, a constable visits Ankush’s residence, feigning concern for him amidst the recent events. As he coughs, Ankush kindly offers him water, and he cunningly manipulates Ankush with his words. Politely declining tea, the constable states that his sole purpose was to meet Ankush before taking his leave.

According to Arya, Satya didn’t send any message, and I cannot approach him. She is concealing the issue from Baba. Meanwhile, Ankush runs into Bela and reassures her that things are not as she assumes. He begs her to return home since he understands her displeasure. He couldn’t abandon Arya by herself because she was just a child. He pleads with Bela to grant him time to clarify everything and asks her to return home. Sadly, Bela cries and leaves without answering his question about which home she’s referring to, which she thought was hers but wasn’t. As this situation unfolds, Arya contemplates how kind Bela is despite her refusal to speak with her due to Ankush’s deception. However, Arya knows she must reveal the truth about Ankush’s dishonesty to reconcile.


Arya says Ankush isn’t my father. Bela thinks. Ankush gets the file and says maybe the constable left it here. Satya asks Arya to get the file from Ankush.

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