Pandya Store 12th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal and Natasha’s Heart-Wrenching Separation

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 12th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Dhawal mentioning that the problem has left the house. He suggests following a rule like before. Amrish embraces him, but Dhawal stops him and insists he is fine. With tears streaming down his face, he walks away while Amrish looks on with concern. Meanwhile, Natasha is seen walking and crying on the road. On the same path, Dhawal is lost in Natasha’s thoughts and falls off his bike, injuring himself. As Natasha wipes her tears, she contemplates her only remaining option. Chirag happens to come across Dhawal’s fall and rushes towards him. He urges Dhawal to stand up while they both cry in each other’s arms.

As Chirag asks, why did you leave her when you were hurt? Relationships go up and down, but that does not mean they end. Dhawal says she wouldn’t have stayed happy if I had cheated on her, so I had to free her before she died. The hostel lady asks Natasha if she can stay in the hostel. She replies, but you’re a local. Natasha says yes, but she can’t stay with Suman. The lady permits her. She asks Nitin for Natasha’s details. He departs.

Dhawal says you freed her for her happiness, but what about your sorrow? He cries. Chirag consoles him. He says come home. He says leave me alone. Chirag says no, come home. Dhawal shouts leave me alone, and please understand me. He walks away. Chirag worries and says you love Natasha a great deal.

Nitin gets the details. The lady calls Suman and says I am the warden of the girls’ hostel, Natasha requested a room. Suman says I will come. Suman tells Chiku about this.

As Natasha removes the heart and throws it, she says, “Life has pushed me so hard I have to get up again.” Dhawal visits the Pandya store and cries when he sees the broken walls. Seeing Dhawal’s picture in the cupboard, Natasha wonders why he won’t leave me. She inquires about his picture with the lady. She is shocked to hear her say he is a college hero. Many girls have his picture; he married, and the girl left. She tears off the photo and tears it.

In Dhawal’s words, Natasha wants to stay free and live life on her terms, and marriage doesn’t run on compromise. I wasn’t able to save the store. Natasha is shocked to see Suman and Chiku.

What are you doing here, Suman asks? She thinks I can’t be honest. She says Dhawal and I had decided that I would stay here until exams, as there is too much work at home. Suman cries and hugs her. She beats Natasha. Chiku stops her. Dhawal knows your Maayka is in the city. Why would you lie to me?

Natasha embraces her and apologizes for not being able to tell her before. Suman inquires about the potential consequences, pointing out that she has already lost four sons and four daughters-in-law. She reassures Natasha that she is strong and has promised to protect her grandchildren. However, when Natasha returned home, Suman could not comprehend the situation. It wouldn’t have come to this if Pandya store hadn’t been demolished; it was their fault for using us for their gain. They deceived us and manipulated us into a false sense of trust. Now, we will take legal action against Dhawal and Amrish.


Natasha refuses to stay together for six months. She says she wants to separate as soon as possible. The judge says that because the marriage hasn’t been consummated, you might be able to separate.

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