Pandya Store 18th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 18th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dhara shedding tears and praying at the temple. Arushi’s mother overhears her and is also moved to tears. Dhara reveals that her mother had abandoned her, causing her immense pain and even leading her son Chiku to resent her. She declares that she will never forgive her mother for ruining her birthday. Her mother, in turn, expresses remorse for causing Dhara such distress and promises to stay away from her life. However, when they accidentally cross paths, she conceals her face from Dhara’s view. Just then, a lady approaches Dhara and strikes up a conversation with her. In the meantime, Dhara’s mother leaves discreetly. Shiva suggests inviting the girl and her mum to their party so they can all meet them. But Dev objects, claiming that Shiva has no ties with them whatsoever.

Arushi mentioned that she would see Shiva. She then gave him a call and inquired about his day. Shiva replied that the sky and birds were his only focus. He also invited her to Dhara’s birthday party and suggested she offer her wishes to the birthday girl on his behalf. He further requested her to visit his home along with her aunt to meet his mother. Arushi happily agreed. Meanwhile, Raavi questioned Shiva about the numerous clothes he had laid out, but he advised her not to worry about it and left. Shivank comforted Raavi with a hug and encouraged her to make the best of the day as everything would be alright. Later, Shweta declared that she had bought a gift for Dhara as a symbol of starting anew for the sake of her upcoming baby. Raavi expressed joy at seeing this positive change in Shweta’s behaviour. Shweta then requested Raavi to give Dhara the cake on her behalf, which Raavi promptly did before leaving for her own tasks. As Shivank praised Shweta’s acting abilities, she confidently stated that soon enough, Raavi would be by her side as well.

Rishita teaches the dance steps to Natasha and other kids while extending an invitation to Chiku, who declines and leaves. Dhara heads downstairs, where Arushi seeks her mother’s blessings before expressing her interest in acting. Dhara is then surprised by a birthday celebration, but promptly suggests that they end the party, as it seems to only be for themselves. Rishita disagrees and reminds Dhara that everyone is delighted to celebrate her birthday. They all gather around Dhara and sing “Yaadon ki baraat,” causing her to feel emotional. Raavi asks whom they are waiting for, prompting Shiva to question why she’s asking him. Meanwhile, Chiku pops the balloons as Arushi arrives home. Shiva eagerly welcomes Arushi as the rest of the family looks on. Raavi appears upset by this situation but Dhara reveals that she has met Arushi before. Shiva then introduces Suman to Arushi and they share a moment together as Dhara watches with joy.


As Dhara says, I will bring Shweta’s truth to light and keep my promise to Krish and Prerna.

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