Pandya Store 29th January 2023 Written Update

She says she’s nervous, it’s my first time meeting your family. Krish says I’m with you, don’t worry. Prerna meets everyone. As Gautam recalls meeting Prerna at the temple, Krish says she is my future wife. Gautam worries for him. Krish says we met in Canada, her family owns a garments and spare parts business.

Then Rishita says, that’s why, I was thinking, how did he get rich, he’s a B.Com failure, she married a girl from a rich family. Dev stops her. Rishita says welcome to the family, Krish has a bad track record with girls. The last one broke our family, I hope you aren’t like her. Krish receives a call from Prerna’s father.

Suman hears this and says great, you got new parents, mom and dad… Raavi asks Shiva to come and take medicine.

Shiva inquires as to what they are saying, the new mom and dad. Shesh wonders why they keep gathering here all the time. Mittu and Chiku leave. Suman reveals that she encountered her in a temple. Prerna confirms that she went there to entreat his welfare, adding that she had heard about him from Krish himself. He then comments on how kind Prerna is; additionally noting that they plan on tying the knot soon. He goes on to say that out of desperation he was taken in by Prerna’s parents who showered him with love, rendering them now his family.

Suman says I raised my kids, and they left me, they made new parents, and the kids sit talking. Gautam thinks Dhara has done this, asking Krish to leave the house that day. In response to Suman’s question, Prerna says I’m not Krish’s mother, he’s got a new mother and dad. She says I’m not his mother; he’s got a new mother and father. Prerna says yes, he came back just because I’m dying. She says yes, but what’s my mistake, you stay upset with him, I came here to get your blessings.

Seeing what Shweta did to us, Rishita asks how you can accept her easily. Suman says shut up. She says you will have to take a test to become the bahu of this house. Prerna says okay. Krish asks what test. He and Rishita argue. I came here for just a few days, I’m leaving, why do you care what we do in our lives, don’t insult us anymore, it’s enough already.

He asks Prerna if she was excited to meet them, they never valued me. They go to the hotel. Dhara asks him for food. He says I’ve passed B.Com. He leaves with Prerna. The marriage did not happen, they will stay in a hotel. Suman asks Dhara why they didn’t feed him food. She asks Rishita how can not see Dev’s happiness?

Rishita says Krish has already killed us, you know we lost Chutki to Krish, and he had let Chutki go to save Chiku because of Krish. Dhara says I know I was wrong, but Krish wasn’t wrong. Raavi says this family broke because of Dhara. I died every day when I saw Shiva’s condition. Shiva would be fine today if he hadn’t fought with Shweta for Chiku.

As Dhara asks, what shall we do, shall we take revenge on the family, on Krish, on me, I have died every day. Rishita asks why did you mourn, you got Chiku, you were happy with your husband and child, what did you tolerate?

Then Dev asks Dhara to calm down, saying that she didn’t tolerate anything, that she lost her kids, that she is longing for them since seven years ago, that she makes food for everyone every day, and that she has seen all of you in the past week.

Suman used to sit at the door waiting for you all; I have seen the sadness in her eyes. Chiku shows his pic to the kids. Shiva gets up and asks what’s wrong. Mittu hides the picture. He recalls the past. He shouts leave him. The kids get scared and hide. Everyone hears Shiva shouting. Shiva breaks everything.


We have lived this way for 7 years, Raavi says. Everyone cries. Suman asks why you didn’t get him home if he was so ill. Raavi says we have lived this way for 7 years.

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