Pandya Store 26th January 2023 Written Episode

Rishita and Raavi argue with Dhara. Dev says I lost my daughter here and I can’t come back and stay here. Krish says I’m already dead for you. Raavi asks her to stop, they won’t come back. Dhara says you all moved on, my life is still there. Will you go back today or wait until Suman’s death? You want Suman to die, and then you will get your share. So you’ll stay here until then, right?

As she gets the samosas, she asks Krish to go if he wants, and she will pack the samosas. Krish says I had come here to close this chapter. Rishita says you won’t make a place in our heart doing this. Dhara says you’ll stay here for me. Rishita scolds her.

Raavi says Shiva remains unwell, his medical expenses, Mittu’s education, everything is on me, we aren’t stone-hearted to ask you to sell the store and house, but we certainly have needs. It is difficult to maintain a life in Ahmedabad, Rishita says. I will take my share if anything happens to Mum or not. Shiva plays with the children.

Raavi recalls a moment with Krish. Krish says I don’t need anything, but I am not needed here. Dev has ignored me, my brothers don’t love me, give me my share if everyone wants it.

The kids hug Shiva and smile. Dhara says you want to sell the house and store, fine, we’ll sell it. Dev and Krish will look for a buyer, Suman is still alive, we’ll poison her to speed up the process, you all have to leave. You want to prove we are heartless and want to kill Suman, Rishita says.

Raavi says you have handled things well. Dhara says you are in a hurry to go back. Rishita says you broke this house. Raavi says we are just expressing our financial situation. Raavi says we’ll take our share and go. Dhara and they argue. Dhara scolds them. Rishita says we want her to get better so we can explain our financial situation to her.

Dhara says she understands. She said I scolded Krish in anger, and Krish didn’t look back for me, he forgot my upbringing. Dev says no, we didn’t call Mum, otherwise we would have got hurt. Krish goes. She cries. She says I have no right to ask anyone, everyone was right until I was thinking for the family, one accident happened, and you all showed me where I stand.

Suman blesses a girl at the temple. She says I really need your blessings. Gautam asks Suman to come. The girl calls. She says she’s coming to do puja for her mother. Shiva says I’ll teach you. As Raavi asks Shiva to listen to her, Dhara asks what happened, why are you giving him so many medicines. Raavi tells him whatever happened, you were the cause. Dhara cries. Shiva asks what happened and why are you crying suddenly. Raavi stops her.

She hugs Shiva. Shiva says no one can come between us, I don’t need permission to hug my son. He wipes Dhara’s tears. She says I won’t let my child go away from me. She hugs Shiva. Shiva says but I never left you, I was in this house, you aren’t just my Bhabhi, you are my mum, my friend, my world, can I leave you anywhere?

I won’t go, right? He says no. She hugs him. Raavi says Shiva, come with me. Shiva asks why do you ask me to come, I’m teaching the game, you want to romance. Raavi scolds Dhara, telling him she won’t let your curse affect him again. Then Raavi asks Shiva to come. Shiva says leave me, what are you doing. Mittu gets scared and hugs Dhara. Raavi sees Mittu. Shiva says he is tired, don’t pull me.

Dhara asks Mittu not to be scared. She tells Chiku to play with the kids. She goes to get the food. Shiva tells Shesh to play with the marbles, but don’t lose them. Dhara says I ordered pizza for the kids. Rishita says she started scolding us a lot. Dev says we all did, too. Chiku says don’t go there, it’s Dadi’s room.

Shesh says we should go there. Dev and Rishita see their room and get emotional. They miss Chutki and cry. Rishita says I cannot stay here for many days, old memories are bringing sorrow, Chutki’s memories are here, I’ll go. As they cry, Dhara thinks I will not let Suman get better, I will not let you all go, I will not let my family break apart.


The girl/his wife asks the people to donate blood to Suman. People talk about Krish Pandya. Shweta is seen with Chutki.

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