Meet 25th January 2023 Written Update

Shagun tells Manmeet that she is stone-hearted and will never fall for him. Drunk Man invites Raj and Babita to take a selfie. Raj says you must be misunderstood. He asks her to leave them alone. Boy says Munni is here. She starts dancing, and everyone applauds. Raj says yes, tell Manmeet and we’ll leave. Meet says to forget his decision to marry her and let him enjoy the environment.

Manmeet’s drinking comes in their way and stops Meet, he performs for her and tries to involve her, but Meet becomes uncomfortable and pushes him away. Gunwanti mocks Molki and walks away. Molki says to herself don’t forget I’m not Sapna and I won’t tolerate a new wife for my husband. This is not the way to win someone’s heart, don’t act like a drunk if you think I’ll say yes. You won’t win my heart by acting this way.

As Molki walks into the room, she opens the cupboard looking for poison and finds it, saying it will be handy for her. As Raj, Babita and Meet walk out of the house, Meet says this environment is weird for us. I will bring her in front of my mom’s feet and ruin her life, Sarkar tells Manmeet, don’t feel bad, we will finish her story. Manmeet says if we finish her story then it will be difficult to take Mom’s revenge.

She says we have a ritual of eating paan when you leave. Meet says thanks, but we don’t eat. Molki says sometimes you have to do stuff for the first time because of circumstances. It was given by Meet, Raj, and Babita. Molki remembers mixing poison into paan. She thinks she knows it’s wrong, but if she becomes wife what will I do there? Meet asks Raj and Babita to leave in the car, I’ll come by bicycle.

Manmeet and Sarkar walk out and see Meet on the ground. They discuss how she will ask for a marriage proposal from Meet. Sarkar says Imarti was played twice, first when she thought she was getting married to Narendra, and then when she thought the poison was real but was actually an anaesthetizing drug.

Sarkar told Manmeet that now is the time to hurt Meet, so she agrees to marry him. Sarkar asked him to pick her up. In the temple, everyone is worshipping. Jasodha remembers her oath and says that the time is near, and her wish will be realized. She is unconscious in the marriage getting married to Mahendra. Sarkar asks Pandit to be quick, otherwise, she will wake up and everything will be ruined. Manmeet throws water in the havan.

Meet wakes up and finds out she’s getting married. She gets up, removes her jewellery, and says what’s going on here? First, you tried to get me married to Manmeet in panchayat and now you tried to marry me your son who’s already married. Sarkar says you disrespected my wife and I want to show you where you belong, to tie you near my goats. This is why you will marry my son today. Meet says you can’t do this to me.

It will not be possible to get her to marry without her consent when he is here. A man tries to attack him, but he stops him and reminds him how many times I have beaten your men. Meet insults family members and says this is a prison and every woman here is a machine to give birth and nothing more. Jasodha says it’s a good deed for me that we are accepting a widow in our house.

Manmeet becomes angry and is about to hit her. Sarkar holds his hand and says to have patience for a while, that it is not our time right now to deal with her, and that we will deal with her later. Sarkar asks his men to make her sit for a moment.

In response, Meet says she won’t leave you alone. Manmeet asks her to leave or else I won’t be able to forgive myself if something happens to her. Meet remember her last moments with Ahlawat, he tells her we will see each other again.


Manmeet is in bed when Meet finds him in the hospital. Shagun throws her engagement ring on him and says stay away from her now you are handicapped, I won’t spend my life anymore with you, she looks at Meet and says everything that’s happened to him is because of you, you don’t want to marry him because he lost his hand because of you. You don’t want to marry him, but he lost his hand because of you. When Manmeet sees Meet, he thinks that your eyes are telling him you’re getting trapped in my plan.

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