Pandya Store 25th January 2023 Written Update

Kids switch off the lights. Dhara gets happy. The doctor asks the man to check the lights. Dev asks about Suman. The doctor asks him to take care of Suman. Dhara thanks him. Dev says Suman is in serious condition, you are smiling. She says I am fulfilling her last wish, she will have soul peace after we take her home.

Suman asks where the kids are. She acts. Rishita and Raavi worry for their sons. They go to look for them. Suman asks Shiva if he gets scared. Dhara says we’ll take Suman home, she’ll be fine soon. Rishita asks Dev where Shesh is. Dev says he’s inside. Raavi says even Mittu isn’t here. The kids fall and shout. Chiku says we can’t leave Shesh.

They all come and see Shesh. Dhara holds Shesh. The man switches on the power. Dhara says nothing happened, and hugs them all. Dev hugs Shesh. Raavi hugs Mittu. Shesh says Chiku and Mittu made me do this. Shisita asks Dharaa to keep Chiku away from Shesh, anything could have happened. Raavi replies, keep Mittu away. Dhara scolds Chiku.

Mittu says Shesh forced us to do this. Raavi asks Rishita to explain to her son, not to bully anyone. The man scolds them and asks them to leave. Dhara apologizes to Suman. Dev asks Dhara and Chiku to come to sit inside. Dhara says no, we will come by rickshaw. She goes. Rishita says times changed, but Dhara’s habits didn’t. Raavi tells Shiva not to get guilty. Dhara calls the man and asks him to send two cupboards. Chiku says sorry. She asks how you made such a mistake.

Dhara orders pizzas for the family. She orders chaat as well. She asks Chiku not to do this next time. He says sorry, I won’t do this again. Shesh asks why Chiku did that. Raavi says Dhara ruined our lives, now her son is ruining our sons’ lives. Shiva asks what did she ruin, we’re together.

Gautam says we’ll go home first, then the temple. Suman says the first temple, I always pray my family returns, he says but your health. She says I’ll just have darshan, take me to the temple. Dhara sees the family coming home. Raavi asks Shiva to come, it’s time for his medicine. Shiva says I won’t have medicine because I don’t understand what’s going on.

Shiva says he will listen to Raavi, otherwise, I will give Mittu the bitter medicine. Raavi takes Shiva to the room. Mittu asks Shiva to listen to Raavi. Shiva agrees. Raavi feeds Mittu the bitter medicine. Dhara says drink water, I will get breakfast and tea. Rishita says we came to meet Mum, not to eat. Suman and Gautam perform the puja.

A girl holds Suman’s pot. She smiles and assists them in the puja. The cupboards arrive. Rishita asks what all this is about. Dhara says you both have children, so you’ll need cupboards. Krish pays for the pizza. Dhara says until Suman gets better… you’re part of this family. Rishita and Raavi argue with Dhara.

When Suman passes away, Dhara says we won’t have any relationship with anyone. Chiku asks Shesh and Mittu to play marbles. Shiva wakes up. They say we are going to play marbles. Shiva says it’s his marbles.

Raavi says you have to sell Pandya’s store and this house if Suman dies and give our share to us. Dhara is stunned. Chiku says yes, this is yours, can we play with it. Shiva says I will also play and teach you.


Shiva plays with the kids. Raavi asks Shiva to sleep. Rishita says I’ll take my share and go. Krish says to give me my share too.

Raavi tells Dhara that you are the reason he is crying. Shiva asks why you are crying. Raavi stops Dhara from going to Shiva.

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