Udne Ki Aasha 13th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali’s Wedding Day Chaos

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Udne Ki Aasha 13th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Shobha is taunted by Renu at the start of the episode. Shakuntala stops her and takes her away. Shobha tells Sayali she looks beautiful and that you will get married soon. Everyone praises and blesses Sayali. Sayali takes Alok’s blessing. Tejas talks to Isha over the phone. She says we’ll leave once you come here, and I’ll be active until 10 am. He asks what then? She thinks I’ll be with you then. I will leave here. He says yes, and I love you. She says I’m going to leave now.

Anya asks Sachin to play a game in lockup. He says my dad will call me. The inspector says he called four times. He says give me my phone, I promise. The inspector says no, so speak to Sir when he comes. Sayali is congratulated by the lady. Aaji and Paresh arrive. Shobha thinks we should go, and you talk to Sayali. They all leave. Aaji compliments Sayali.

She feeds Sayali. She says, “I have spent my life in the village.” She says, “I have got puran poli for you. Eat it, you will be busy for hours now.” As long as you are here and caring for me, what else do I need? Your love and blessings are enough, I feel happy and peaceful, I will be sad when I lose my Maayka, but I will always respect you because I have found a good Aaji through this marriage. You can ask me for a gift, Aaji smiles and says, “tell me what you want.”

Sayali compliments your generous nature. How can I express my gratitude? You mentioned that I possess a kind heart, but it pales compared to yours. Aaji also considers you her granddaughter, so when you visit our village, please make sure to perform puja at the temple. Sayali nods in agreement. Renu is in a sour mood. Tejas mentions his plan to leave once he has enough money. Renu and Shakuntala arrive and urge him to get ready. She confides in him that she wishes to prevent the marriage since Paresh manipulated Tejas. She assures him that if he’s not happy, she will call off the wedding. However, Tejas insists on needing money for his business venture.

Shakuntala says Tejas accepted this relationship, and Renu also accepts it. The Inspector doesn’t listen to Sachin. Aaji tells the groom about the rituals. Tejas is on the phone with Isha. Paresh asks him to get ready, and Tejas says he’ll come. Sudhakar sees Sayali and says I’ll kidnap your groom, so you’ll marry me.

Isha calls Tejas and tells her I’m stuck. Mauhurat has time, he can go to the stage, you can run away, we must do it, otherwise anyone will doubt us. I’ll call you shortly. Tejas says fine, love you. The inspector arrives. Sachin asks him to let him speak to his father. The inspector scolds him. He says your car will be suspended for 1-2 months, and you have to pay a fine of ten thousand rupees. Sachin said sorry, but his dad was concerned because it was my brother’s wedding.

A policeman will go to the hall with you, give you 5000 rupees in fine, and return to get the car. Sachin thanks him. He says he will take my car. The inspector says he can go to jail or marry Sayali. Sachin says he will go to jail. Sudhakar says he will marry Sayali. Everyone smiles, seeing Tejas and Sayali. Sudhakar shocks Sayali.


Sachin refuses to marry Sayali. Paresh asks Sachin to marry Sayali. Sachin refuses. Sayali gets married to Sachin.

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