Maati Se Bandhi Dor 27th May 2024 Written Episode: Vaiju’s Marriage Alliance and Ranvijay’s Proposal

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 27th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Vaiju praying for a bountiful harvest this year and performing her duties towards the cow. Aai arrives and expresses concern over the cow’s condition, wondering how they will plough the field without it. Vaiju reassures her that they can still sow seeds and takes on the responsibility of the cow’s work for the day. As they prepare for their meal, Aai playfully suggests that Vaiju should have grass while feeding roti to Raja. The family sits down to eat when suddenly a man rushes in with news. Vaiju recalls her past attempts at finding a suitable match, only to be rejected each time. The man announces that he has found a prince for Vaiju, but she is more concerned about their financial struggles and the debt on their land. Her sister informs them that the potential groom’s family is coming to see her. However, Vaiju remains sceptical and declares that she is not interested in becoming a fairy or finding a life partner; she is content being a farmer. Despite this, her sister reminds her that everyone needs companionship in life.

As Ranvijay plays in a football match, Aai urges Vaiju to meet his family. Vaiju playfully refuses and scolds Saleem for trying to find her a potential match. Despite her protests, he gifts her a sacred thread and well wishes. Grateful, she thanks him and remarks that the thread won’t magically lead her to her prince. Saleem insists otherwise, claiming it holds special powers. Meanwhile, a girl passes by the field and accidentally drops a painting. Ranvijay rushes to help but accidentally steps on the painting, earning a sharp response from the girl who defends her work. She explains that the subject of the painting is her hardworking sister, who supports their family through farming. Ranvijay defends his roots, mentioning that his mother is also a farmer and works tirelessly in their fields. Back at home, Ranvijay’s mother rides in on a tractor and asks about Jaikant’s whereabouts while she prepares for an essential meeting with villagers who have gathered their concerns. Jaikant is shown arm wrestling with someone before his mother persuades him to come home for the meeting. However, upon seeing Vaiju, he decides to flirt with her instead.

He says fine, let’s bet. If I lose, I will hold my ears and apologize to you. If I win, you will feed me wine. She agrees. They have a match. She chants something and defeats him. She asks him to apologize. He leaves. She shouts at him.

The Sarpanch comes home to the farmers’ Darbar. Ranvijay’s mum advises the people. He says she sits on my dad’s chair. They thank her for doing justice. Bhau Sahab greets the people. Bhau thinks you should have come to the panchayat. The man says it was a small matter. He asks them to leave.

As Vaiju cuts the wood logs, she contemplates her upcoming marriage and how her absence will affect the workload. She also worries about Jaya’s fees and expresses her concerns to Aai. In response, Aai assures her that she will do everything possible to secure a bright future for her children. Despite Vaiju’s clumsiness, Kaveri encourages and compliments her on her appearance. She then enlists the help of their friends to get Vaiju ready. Meanwhile, Aai visits the temple to pray for Vaiju’s happiness. As anticipation builds up for Vaiju’s big day, she is suddenly jolted back to reality when a lady approaches the groom’s family and warns them about Vaiju. Unbeknownst to them, the lady is Vaiju’s mother.


Vaiju cries, says Saleem. Kaveri asks who will marry Vaiju. Ranvijay goes to Jaya and says I like you. She asks him to speak to her sister. Vasundara prays for an Annapurna as her bahu. Pandit says Vaiju will become her Annapurna. Vaiju visits Vasundara’s house.

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