Anupama 8th February 2024 Written Episode: Anuj and Anupama Confront Their Past

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Asked if she trusts herself, Anupama replies, “Yes, I trust myself fully, but I get weak, and that’s why I don’t keep his photo with me.” She says she left behind her relations but hasn’t been able to face them. In Yashdeep’s words, the complicated life will make you leave and need closure, so he asks her to talk to Anuj to resolve the issue.

He says your story is halted and not ended. He says you must write the last page, and both need closure. He says sorry, I’m outside if you want to talk to me. Anuj thinks of Anupama. Aadhya thinks tomorrow is the big day, and pops shouldn’t ruin it. Yashdeep told Anuj he couldn’t bother his employee.

Anupama approaches Yashdeep, expressing her discomfort and exhaustion. He reflects on the strange nature of relationships and life, emphasizing how we often become consumed by pursuing these ties. Yashdeep acknowledges that despite our efforts, we have not made any progress and are trapped in a cycle of endless running. Meanwhile, Aadhya speaks to Anuj and sarcastically mentions that she would like to discuss Shruti rather than praising Anupama. She praises Shruti for supporting her during tough times and reminds Anuj that tomorrow is notable for her.

Anuj asks what it is. Aadhya taunts him and tells him it’s Shruti’s birthday tomorrow. Anupama says that she isn’t interested in chasing relations. She has no courage left anymore; she has done so much for ties, tried to get the certificate of a good bahu, wife, and mother, and became exhausted. She says it’s not like everyone insulted me and that she received love and respect from many people, but others subjected her to much humiliation and insult.

After explaining the accident, she tells him she had to listen so much that she was a lousy mother, why she didn’t save someone first, etc. I was called selfish, and I asked what I would gain by thinking about others, which is why I wanted to think about myself. Yashdeep said thinking about oneself was self-love. She said she loved Anuj so much that she would love him to the end of her days.

He says you need closure and that you will talk and close the story when you both meet. He says both sides of the river must meet to end the story. He asks if you don’t want him to move on.

Aadhya inquires about potential plans for Shruti’s birthday. Anuj asserts as her father, he will not tolerate such disrespectful behavior. He reminds Aadhya to communicate with him respectfully in the future. He also thanks her for reminding him about Shruti’s birthday. Aadhya explains that Shruti never asks for anything and suggests that Anuj should take her out and become “AK” (Anu’s Anuj) for Shruti. She acknowledges that it may be difficult for him but emphasizes Shruti’s sacrifices for their family and insists she deserves a surprise date.

Aadhya says, “Forget about your past for a day and give her the happiness she deserves.” Anuj replies, “Okay, just what you want.” He says he will make her birthday memorable and won’t forget what she has done for us and you. He says she has become a significant part of our lives and will remain so. He hugged Aadhya, saying, “I’m not selfish; I’m fighting for both of you. She said, “I love you both.” Anuj said, “I love both of you both.”.

As Anupama inquires about Yashdeep’s love, he replies, “I loved one more than my life, and I even made that mistake.” Anuj recalls the events and says we should celebrate Anu’s birthday tomorrow. He realizes and says “shit.” You loved her, but she left you on the wedding day. Yashdeep says she chose that day to bring me life’s most immense pain. Since I am a soldier, I rarely cry, but I cried that day.

Anupama asks if you didn’t search her. He says I did, and I used to wonder what wrong I did, but no answers were received. He says the love turned into the country’s love, but the pain remains the same. He says I lectured you about the closure, but I didn’t get the closure myself until now and could not move on. He says I could not forget Simran and move on. He says he doesn’t want Anuj and her to take this burden all their lives, or else they will be stuck in each other until they die. Anupama gets teary eyes.


She asks if I am doing right. Yashdeep asks how a third person can know. Anupama says my mind says I am doing right, but my heart is afraid. Anuj goes to meet Anupama and lies to Shruti. Shruti asks him to go. Anuj goes to meet Anupama.

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