Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 9th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Nandini’s Dilemma and Ronak’s Scheme

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 9th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The boy’s mother asks his father if he has decided what they will ask. The father replies with their decision, but the mother suggests he should ask for a double. As Nandini serves them, she mentions that their father is against it because he is the leader of the social world, so he does not take nor let anyone take dowry. She says she is newly married, and he has not taken even a single penny from her family. Now would be fun, says Jalpa.

Hemraj interrupts Nandini, reminding her that the elders are speaking and she doesn’t need to interject. Nandini then joins Naren by standing next to him. With a smile, Hemraj sits with the family and mentions that Nandini is still new to their traditions as she was just married. The groom’s father asks for Hemraj’s opinion on their son, acknowledging his understanding of their customs. He suggests that Hemraj arrange a large bungalow in America since he is a jeweller and can provide anything Kinjil desires. However, this idea leaves Hemraj feeling uneasy.

Ronak is excited that she will certainly be the salon’s owner, but Naini replies that she is tired of it all and can’t be of any help. She says that she told the owner she would pay back the amount, but he is demanding it right now. When Ronak tells Naini to relax and tell the broker he will pay the entire amount, Naini laughs.

As Jigar sees Dhawal sitting in the room, he questions why he is there since the people have arrived to fix Kinjil’s proposal. Jigar receives a video from Ronak and is shocked to see that the son of their deceitful retailer has paid most of the amount. Surprised, Jigar asks if Ronak is demanding ten million from them. However, Ronak clarifies that he only asks for five million and offers a family discount. Despite this, Jigar refuses to give them the money and accuses Ronak of blackmailing them. Ronak quickly interjects and explains that he is blackmailing Dhawal’s uncle and needs the money immediately. Sensing the tension, Jigar signals Dhawal for help, but Ronak threatens to send proof to Hemraj if they don’t comply. After some consideration, Jigar reluctantly agrees as Ronak takes a seat.

Hemraj replies that they both are jewellers and know that payment only comes if they like the product. Standing mentions he felt good meeting them but isn’t ready for this marriage, and the family leaves. Nandini gets excited and says she is happy to be a daughter-in-law of this house, and Hemraj asks Roopa and Jalpa to take Kinjil inside. Nandini notices that Hemraj is furious.

When Ronak hands Naini the bag, he says she needs four and a half million dollars, which she should take and hand over to the owner of the parlour, and he promises he won’t let anyone get in the way of her dream. Ronak hugs Naini, who says she loses hope because she thinks poor people can only see dreams. Ronak replies that whatever he has belongs to her, and when Naini asks how Ronak brought in so much money so quickly, he says that she should just be happy.

Nandini is stunned as Hemraj walks towards her, asking why she needs to talk in between. She knows the house rules state that women must only speak when requested. Having read his statements and knowing his struggle, Nandini apologizes to Hemraj, saying they were trying to talk against his principles and that if they had asked for dowry in front of him, that would have insulted him, so she apologized.

Hemraj nods in agreement, noting that although they were guests, they were having a private discussion. He affirms that he understands the difference between right and wrong and thus believes that the women of the house should only speak when invited. Nandini takes his words to heart and begins to walk away, her gaze lingering on Naren as she feels emotionally charged. However, Naren trails after her, reassuring her that Hemraj’s words should not affect her. Nandini responds by explaining how she is used to being scolded, as even her aunt would say similar things. She further clarifies that she felt hurt when Hemraj seemed to have a negative opinion of her while bringing them back from the police station.

Nandini observes that while Bapu Ji may come across as dominating, he is efficient. She admires how he handles situations with maturity and effectively communicates his perspective. Seeing Nandini crying, he asks if she has any issues with Bapu Ji. To this, Nandini replies that she greatly respects him for handling Kinjil’s case without taking anything from her family. This only adds to her admiration for him. Overwhelmed with emotion, Naren embraces Nandini and expresses his gratitude for her presence in his life.

Hemraj is sitting when Chanchal says she is glad to see the change. He sent them away when they requested dowry. Hemraj says that she shouldn’t think that way because they demanded a bungalow in America along with two hundred and fifty tola gold. He wonders why people fail to recognize their value whenever they are in front of him. He will decide what he will give to the girls in this house.

As Naini welcomes the guests of the inauguration function, she notices Visakha has also arrived. However, she grows concerned when Ronak is not yet present. Meanwhile, Dhawal receives a text invitation from Ronak while in his office. Fuming with anger, Dhawal nearly breaks his expensive phone. But Ronak stops him, reminding him of the phone’s value. Despite this, Ronak continues to ask for more money from Dhawal, even though he had already paid him earlier. In the end, Ronak leaves with the additional amount from Dhawal.

While Nandini is on the phone with Manri, Roopa knocks on the door, so Nandini asks her to come in, but Roopa replies that there’s someone else coming. Nandini becomes excited when she sees Visakha enter the room. At the inauguration party of Ronak and Naini, Visakha informs Nandini that the beautician with whom she receives her services has opened a new salon.

Nandini says Visakha is mistaken, and it can’t be Ronak. Still, Visakha says she recognizes Ronak much better than Nandini, so Visakha starts explaining to Nandini why Ronak misbehaved at the wedding function.


When Nandini asks the driver to stop the car, she reads that the ownership of the farm has been changed. Nandini forces Manri to tell the truth, who responds that they have taken everything from them.

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