Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 22nd May 2024 Written Episode Update: Hemraj Faces Dowry Allegations

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 22nd May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Sujhan says they didn’t deserve such behavior from him as people tend to consider him a role model, but Hemraj replies he’s lying and no call has been made. Hemraj claims that when Ishwar was speaking from his side, he was telling the truth but now he’s lying. Sujhan says he wants to take the vote of the panel and they all decide that Ishwar took the dowry from them. Hemraj shows the deed, stating that Ishwar gave the farm as a gift, and so they all decide he did not take the dowry.

Hemraj’s frustration rises as he is accused of accepting a dowry without any intention of returning it. He challenges the panel, asking if anyone in the community has taken a dowry. Sujhan had even suggested giving him ten million, but Hemraj maintains that it is customary for families to plan for their daughters’ weddings from the moment of their birth. He insists that he has done nothing wrong and poses a thought-provoking question to the panel: Will they also return the dowry if their own daughters-in-law demand it? After some deliberation, Sujhan agrees to take some time to discuss the matter further. Nandini, Ishwar, and Hemraj remain seated in their respective positions.

Sujhan claims that Hemraj has admitted taking the dowry, so they find him guilty and now order him to return it along with the farm. As soon as Sujhan says that Hemraj should be ready to go to jail, Hemraj refuses to give it in any condition, asking what he thinks of his daughter-in-law staying this way but filing a case against him under the dowry law since he accepted it, so he must either return the dowry or go to jail. An angry Hemraj leaves.

As Hemraj sits in his chair thinking, Chanchal approaches him and asks why he needs to take the farm of a poor person. Hemraj replies that she has to suffer because she is by his side. As Hemraj says, Chanchal arrived at this house with the dowry, while Baa also came with the dowry, and her father even gave everything to her.

Baa brought it because her father was wealthy. Still, Hemraj is not like him, so he becomes furious. However, Chanchal says Nandini and Naren, along with their families, will not forgive her, so she leaves while Hemraj is worried.

Nandini expresses regret to Naren for opposing his father, to which Naren responds that he was unaware his father caused Ishwar’s downfall. Ishwar reassures them not to fret as he receives a call from Mitesh informing them that Kaku Bai’s men are moving their belongings into the main area. However, Ishwar intervenes and asks Mitesh for some time. Naren then requests to speak with Kaku Bai directly and promises to pay the full loan amount with interest if she agrees to return everything to its rightful place.

Nandini embraces Naren, who reassures her there’s no need to cry. He reminds her that Ishwar shouldn’t feel guilty for returning the dowry since he’s simply fulfilling his duty as a son. Nandini reminds Naren that this issue is not just between two people; it’s a clash of beliefs – Hemraj’s stubbornness versus her own decision. Worried about the possibility of Bapu Ji not returning the dowry, Naren asks what they would do then. Nandini urges him to go and be with his mother, but he refuses. She insists that even if he can’t physically be there with her, his support would mean a lot to her. Finally, Nandini hugs Ishwar.

Dhawal says that the daughter-in-law of this house humiliated him, and he wants them not to do anything; Hetal says he shouldn’t cause trouble in this house if he can’t create peace. Chanchal tells Dhawal to remain calm when the inspector knocks on the door calling to Hemraj. When the inspector is about to take him, Dhawal points to Hemraj and asks what they’re doing. As a result of his charges of dowry, the inspector says, they have to take him to the police.

Hemraj says there is no need to be tensed. Naren asks who filed the FIR. The Inspector says Nandini Ratansi filed it. Dhawal asks if they have any warrant when Hemraj asks him to calm down. Naren takes the FIR from the Inspector, saying it cannot happen. Hemraj asks Dhawal to call the Advocate and arrange for his bail. When Hemraj turns to Naren and asks if he is satisfied, Naren becomes alarmed.

Hemraj sits with the inspector in his car while Naren comes after him and everyone, and Anousya Baa asks, “What kind of girl has Naren brought into this house as the police take him?” Chanchal says she cannot believe Nandini would behave in such a manner. Naren refuses to accept it, stating Nandini was not against his father but only against dowry.

Nandini says she cannot even think about it and only wants the dowry back from Bapu Ji. Naren says everyone is blaming her, but Nandini replies she hasn’t done anything wrong. Naren invites Nandini to accompany him as he has arranged a meeting with his lawyers.

Nandini believes they should first go to Maa as she would be worried and angry because Nandini called the police. Naren says she is very angry. Nandini mentions Chanchal is Maa, and she will surely listen to them even when she is mad. Nandini asks Vishaka to look after Ishwar as his blood pressure fluctuates.

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