Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 8th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Kinjil’s Future in Jeopardy

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 8th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Ronak shares his video of Henamd with Dhawal, where he confesses to returning most of the money to Ratansi jewellers. Curious, Ronak asks if he can also show it to Hemraj, who happens to be the most disliked boy. Dhawal agrees since he doesn’t care about losing Hemraj’s respect or the money he owes him. However, as Ronak leaves the room, Dhawal says he won’t give ten million rupees. Ronak responds by saying that Hemraj may not need alcohol, but his daughter-in-law wants to start a salon instead.

When Dhawal asks Ronak if Hemraj has given permission, he replies he meant Naini so that he will give the money. Kinjil serves the family members a sweet she made, which they really enjoy. Kinjil says it is a recipe Nandini Bhabhi gave her, which she made under her supervision. Hemraj, standing behind, explains that Kinjil is no longer a child, and he is glad Nandini taught him housekeeping.

Hemraj mentions he has good news, explaining he might have had to go and bring Naren and Nandini from the police station, but Nandini’s steps are perfect for them. Chanchal asks what is the good news, and Hemraj answers that Kinjil has been proposed to by a man, Nandini thinking Kinjil is just eighteen. Further, Hemraj tells Chanchal that the proposal is by Madhav Seth’s son, who is studying in the US but is on his way to Rajkot, and they all wish to get married.

Nandini agrees that Kinjil is just eighteen years old but then gets quiet. Hemraj tells Hetal that he did not mean Kinjil should stop studying, but they would arrange her marriage once she graduated. Hetal says they can even ask Kinjil what she wants to do. Hemraj angrily replies that it’s up to the in-laws to decide. Kinjil leaves in anger.

As Kinjil wept, Nandini joined her to serve breakfast. She shared that she had tried talking to her father but received no response. Kinjil expressed her desire to continue her studies, to which Nandini suggested waiting until after the marriage. However, Kinjil revealed that her family was very traditional and did not allow their daughters to pursue education beyond high school. This revelation shocked Nandini, who learned that Kinjil had been able to study with her in secret. Nandini reassured Kinjil that it was her right to make her own decisions. Unfortunately, as Kinjil noted, only Hemraj’s opinions held weight in their household.

Nandini urges Kinjil to stop crying, reminding her that showing weakness only leads to exploitation. She suggests trying to communicate instead. However, Kinjil responds that Hemraj does not listen. Nandini then brings up how Naren was able to talk with him and eventually convince him, even though Hemraj initially refused. Kinjil insists she lacks the courage to do the same. Nandini reasons that Kinjil has a support system in Naren, Hetal, and herself, so all she needs is a little bravery to stand up for herself. Eventually, Kinjil agrees, and Nandini asks her to share how she managed it.

Hetal is pushing Samta to speak up and assure Chanchal of her support. Despite her reluctance, Samta shares her belief that they should allow Kinjil to finish her studies so she can gain independence like Hetal and live with dignity. Chanchal questions if Samta means she lacks respect, noting that she cannot fully voice her thoughts. Additionally, Chanchal asks what Samta means when even Roopa and Jalpa reside in the household. Samta clarifies that even the cat can live in the house without any issues.

Nandini also comes to Chanchal, explaining how she also spoke with Kinjil, who wants to study even more. Chanchal asks if Kinjil wants to do a job so that she does not need to do anything since those people are millionaires, and the boy lives in America. Chanchal asks Nandini to at least speak with Hemraj because she understands that education is for the better; otherwise, she will have to live with the pressure of her husband.

She explains to Nandini that she is new in this house and is talking like this. Chanchal explains that Hemraj is not a child but thinks big and would have made the decision after consideration, so no one argued with him in this house. Hetal hugs Smata when she starts crying when he goes to console her.

Daven asks Kinjil who is getting married. Kinjil replies that she is. What else can he think about other than the business? Daven wonders what Kinjil was referring to.

In response to Nandini’s request that Nandini not overreact because Bapu Ji just talked about Kinjil’s marriage, Nandini replies that Hemraj should consider Kinjil’s education and future. Nandini sitting asks Naren if he does not think they are differentiating between the boys and girls of the house because he has the right to choose, but no one is asking Kinjil about her desire. Nandini answers that Naren is Kinjil’s elder brother, so he doesn’t feel the need to go and ask her.

Naren inquires about the reason behind Kinjil’s early marriage and his father’s decision. Nandini expresses her concern and suggests they consult Kinjil before making plans. Devin interrupts with a call, asking if they are arranging Kinjil’s wedding. Upon questioning the source of this information, Devin reveals that it was Kinjil himself who requested a new wedding function. Daven advises Naren to speak with those responsible for the marriage. Nandini urges Naren to have at least a conversation with everyone involved before finalizing anything. However, Naren insists it is already late and promises to address the matter in the morning.

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