Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 21st May 2024 Written Episode Update: Nandini’s Struggle Intensifies

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 21st May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

According to Naren, he cannot live in a house governed by his principles. As a result, he says he will leave this house forever. Hemraj replies that he will throw Naren himself out. Does he think that he cannot run the business without him? Nandini runs after Chanchal to stop her from committing suicide, as Chanchal says even she will not live if her son does not stay in this house.

Then Hemraj and Naren ask her what she’s doing, Chanchal says she wants to talk with Nandini alone, but they don’t listen to her at first, but eventually leave. Chanchal sits with Nandini on the bed and says she knows her husband committed a severe crime and her family had a terrible experience. She says Nandini didn’t think about this family when people used to give examples of this house, so what will they show society next?

Even Nandini says she is worried, and she has pleaded with her father-in-law for the first time. While Chanchal speaks of the house’s respect, what about her parents’ house? They cannot stand since their house has been auctioned, their uncle has lost his job, and the farm is also owned by Arjun Khemji. Even though she cannot comprehend what she should do, she needs the support of her family right now, so she asks Bapu Ji for it.

Chanchal grips Nandini’s hand, pleading for her not to separate her from her son. She expresses that she cannot bear to be without him. Nandini questions whether Chanchal believes she can endure being apart for an extended period, mainly since Chanchal has referred to her as a daughter. Nandini continues, explaining that they are in a difficult situation where they must leave or risk Bapu Ji leaving the house. As they discuss potential solutions, both women are overcome with tears. Despite the emotional conversation, Chanchal still bestows her blessings upon Nandini, and the two embrace each other in a hug.

In the morning Chanchal asks Hetal about Naren and Nandini, Samta says they both went to the house of Visakha last night, Hetal says Nandini wanted to go alone but Naren went alone when Chanchal says Nandini said she would never take Naren away from this house. Dhawal tells Chanchal she shouldn’t worry as they will punish Nandini for raising her voice against Hemraj.

Hemraj says there is no need for anyone to come with him. They all get a bit worried. Jigar turns to Dhawal. Hemraj says Nandini has insulted them a lot, so he can take care of her. Dhawal says they are on his side and need to support him. Hemraj says Dhawal should handle their office.

As Chanchal and Hetal enter the office, Nandini tries to take Chanchal’s blessings, but Chanchal walks away. Ishwar realizes what he fears is happening since Nandini is ruining her home. Hemraj sits on the opposite side of Nandini. Sujhan says the hearing is about to begin, and he asks Nandini if she will explain her problem again.

Hemraj took her family’s farm while even their house was collateralized, and Nandini says she wants it back to protect her family’s financial future. Hemraj says Nandini has been misled by some people when the truth is that Ishwar gave it all according to his own will. Sujhan asks Ishwar to express his feelings, and Ishwar replies that Hemraj is telling the truth that he did not take any dowry and that he has given everything by his own will,

Naren and Nandini ask why Ishwar lies and refuses to accept it. Naren replies that Ishwar is worried that if he proves Hemraj is wrong, Nandini might not be able to live peacefully with him. Nandini replies that her uncle has refuted her claims, but she is telling them they have taken the dowry from her uncle, not her uncle being pressured to say so.

Hemraj Ratansi might have pressurized Ishwar, so Sujhan asks Ishwar if he is saying it all under pressure. They will ask him to speak the truth, and Nandini even asks if Nandini has any other evidence. Ishwar asks Nandini why he does it and why he teaches her to speak the truth when he wants her to lose in front of everyone, so she pleads with him to do so.

It is enough for Hemraj to tell Nandini that the fight is based on truth, the judges say they are just attempting to frame her father in law, Nandini asks Ishwar to see how they are all against her when he is opposing her, Naren says the truth is on her side. Hemraj asks who is speaking when Naren claims she is his wife and he has the right. He asks the officials if they have a problem,

He says his father has taken the dowry, which isn’t a new thing in his house, as when his brothers got married, Jalpa Bhabhi brought one hundred tolas of gold, and Roopa Bhabhi brought fifty tolas of gold. Hearing this, the officials start thinking, and Sujhan believes that the son of Hemraj is against him, but now he is glad that this chair will always belong to him.

Naren explains that his father had coerced Ishwar into reserving the Green Cent Hotel, which required using his house as collateral. When asked for evidence, Naren reveals that he has the credit card receipt as he was the one who paid for the reservation. However, his father scolded and made him return the money because they were only considered in-laws. Nandini points out that if Ishwar had to use his house as collateral, how could he give away the farm as a gift? In response, Naren questions what kind of respect Nandini would have in society if Ishwar proves her lying.

As Nandini loses the case, Nandini says other girls will be unable to speak out against dowry, and they will have to live their lives in fear and end up killing themselves as her sister did. Nandini consoles Ishwar when he starts crying; Sujhan asks why Ishwar starts crying, and Nandini gives him a glass of water. Ishwar, holding his hand, apologizes to the officials for being forced to lie.

When Sujhan asks who forced him, Ishwar says he was staying at Visakha’s house when Hemraj Ratansi called and told him to say whatever he asked him to say. Hemraj said he would get Nandini divorced, after which she would be humiliated, so Hemraj terminated the call. His father and Nandini look shocked as Naren turns to sit down after that.


Naren asks for the name of the person who humiliated him, and he is told it is Nandini Ratansi. The Inspector asks him to come with them as an FIR has been filed against him.

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