Main Hoon Saath Tere 19th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman Saves Janvi and Uncovers a Mystery

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 19th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

A kid puts his hand into a table fan just as a man is about to switch it on. Janvi quickly pulls the child to safety and thanks the child’s mother. Kian hands Kian the birth certificate to Pushkar. As Janvi tries to stop Kian, Pushkar takes Kian’s birth certificate. As this happens, Janvi’s saree becomes caught in the table fan. Pushkar ignores her, concentrating on the birth certificate. She calls for help, but he ignores her.

When Aryaman notices Pushkar’s indifference to Janvi’s distress, he grabs the birth certificate. He covers Janvi with a tablecloth and then untangles her saree. Aryaman scolds the women for questioning a mother who has raised a child alone, saying the father is at fault if he isn’t present in the child’s life. Pushkar confronts Aryaman, asking who he is to intervene in Janvi’s affairs.

After responding that he acted out of humanity, Aryaman manhandles Pushkar for not helping Janvi and being more concerned with the birth certificate. After Janvi asks Aryaman to stop, he releases Pushkar. Aryaman hands the birth certificate to Dadi, who escorts Janvi away. He reflects that he came to ask Janvi about a pottery receipt but saved her.

Dadi inspects Kian’s birth certificate, noting Janvi’s name as the birth mother. Curious, she inquires with Janvi, who clarifies that Anushka used her identity to conceal her pregnancy, leading to her name being on the certificate and medical records. Dadi questions why Janvi was anxious when Pushkar took the document. Janvi discloses that it contained a photo of a pregnant Anushka, which could unveil the truth. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Dadi destroys the image. Feeling guilty, Kian apologizes to Janvi for not making her day special. However, Janvi reassures and uplifts him.

Aryaman inquires Muralidhar about his decision to save Janvi instead of interrogating her regarding the receipt. Muralidhar responds that he did it for Kian’s well-being, reasoning with which Aryaman concurs. Later, Aryaman spots a contact number on the receipt and calls. The person who answers is shrouded in mystery and informs Aryaman that he will come to the hotel to claim the remaining amount. He also mentions holding a mud pottery piece. He further reveals his plan to attend Sen Gupta’s Sangeet and instructs Aryaman to arrange the money. Realizing this individual is responsible for Brij Bhushan’s attack, Aryaman apprehends him at the Sangeet.

His name isn’t on the guest list for the Sangeet, as Sadhu and Janvi discuss the need for Dhanuchi dancers and Aryaman volunteers. Sadhu accepts and gives him the job.

The precap:

While Aryaman is on stage, he sees his father and thinks of the shooter. He runs to confront him, but the shooter runs away, and Aryaman chases him, but he stumbles into a flower vase and dies.

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